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October 19, 2021

12 volt 2 Amp Regulated Switching Power Supply with medical approvals

12 volt 2 amp switching power supply medically qualified and rated

This hard to find, inexpensive 12 volt AC/DC medical grade switching power supply adapter is useful for any application requiring UL/TUV 60601-1 approved 12 volts at 2 amps continuous.

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PST-EM1024Q2 Medical Approvee 12 Volt AC/DC Power Supply Adapters
Quantity 1-10 11-100 101-499 500+
12 volt 2 amp switching power supply medically qualified and rated

$27.25 $25.75 19.80
Optional 12 piece Output adapter barrel plug kit
Call Call Call
Polarity reversing adapter for center-negative products
5.5x2.1mm barrel connector polarity switcher
SDY-C53F (ZHJX002)
adapters with a barrel connector input and screw terminal output
To adapt the barrel connector to screw terminals
$2.50 each
Model Number PST-EM1024Q2 replaces the PST-F10242 Medically Approved Switching Power Supply
Input Voltage Range 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Input Frequency Range 47Hz to 63Hz
Hold-up time 10mS minimum at full load
Peak Output Power 24 Watts, 30 watts surge
Current 2000mA (2A) continuous, 2500mA (2.5A) surge
Load Regulation ±5% over rated current: 0 - 2 Amps
Stability ±2% after 30 minutes operation
Output Voltage Nominal 12 VDC
Ripple and Noise <240mV
Leakage Current 100 microamps max
Dynamic Load Regulation ±5% excursion for 50% to 100% or 100% to 50% load change at any frequency up to 250Hz, 50% duty cycle
Inrush Current 35A max at 115VAC cold start
70A max at 230VAC cold start
Drop-out protection Remains regulated during a 1/2 cycle dropout
Open Circuit Protection No damage when operated without a load
Short Circuit Protection No damage from intermittent or continuous short circuit
Over Voltage Protection If through power supply misfunction the power supply should supply over 16 volts it will immediately shut down.
Over Current Protection The power supply will hiccough if the power drawn is determined too high. This power will be 5% or more than the rated power.
Isolation HiPot 3000 VAC for 1 minute, leakage less than 10 mA
Isolation resistance Gerater than 10 megohm at 500 VDC
Surge Immunity IEC Pub. 801-5 level 4
ESD IEC Pub.801-2 Level 4
Temperature 0 to 40°C Operation
-20 to 85°C Storage
Shock and Vibration 3-axis 0.5 mm displacement 2Hz to 55Hz to 2Hz, 7 minutes per cycle for 30 minutes
Shipping Shock 900mm drop in shipping container 8 times
Altitude 10,000 feet operation
40,000 feet storage
Input Connector IEC C7, two prong input socket allows cords for any country to be used, the North American cord is included.
Output plug 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel connector, center positive, see below for othes
Dimensions 50mm x 32 mm x 90mm (2 inch x 1.25 inch x 3.5 inch)
Agency approvals UL, cUL, TUV 60601-1, EN60601-1, UL60601-1, CE
EMI/EMC FCC Part 15 Calss B and SCPR Class B
Other Registration ROHS, Energy Star Efficiency Level III,
  Double Insulated
  medical IEC60601
MTBF 30000 hours at 90% confidence level at 220VAC input, full load and 40°C ambient.
Weight 160 grams, 5.7 oz without the AC cord
264 grams, 9.3 oz with the AC cord
292 grams, 10.3 oz including cord and individual packing box

A 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel connector is supplied      
Optional DC Plugs slip over the 5.5 x 2.1 mm connector if desired.
  • 2.35 OD x 0.7 ID Barrel
  • 3.0 OD x 1.1 ID Barrel
  • 3.5 OD x 1.35 ID Barrel
  • 4.0 OD x 1.7 ID Barrel
  • 4.75 mm OD x 1.75 mm ID Barrel EIAJ-03
  • 5.0 mm OD x 3.5 mm ID with center pin
  • 5.5 mm OD x 1.5 mm ID type 2 Barrel
  • 5.5 mm OD x 2.5 mm ID Barrel
  • 6.3 OD x 3.0 ID center pin Barrel
  • 6.0 OD x 4.4 ID center pin Barrel
  • 7.4 mm OD x 5.0 center pin ID Barrel
  • 7.9 OD x 5.6 ID center pin Barrel
Model : PST-F10242 Name : 12V DC Switching Power Supply for medical applications.

Description : Isolated power supply for medical equipment, an innovative product to suit any 12 volt DC products use anywhere in the world. It has a high efficiency and is light and compact. It operates most 12-14V DC equipment from 100-240 Volt AC Power Outlet Fully regulated, low ripple - Light weight & compact - Short circuit protection - Automatic thermal cut off - Automatic overload cut off Group : Adaptor Type : Switching Power Supply Approval : UL, cUL Technical Information; Input Voltage : 100V - 240V AC Frequency : Input Plug(s) : American type with earth Output Voltage : 12V DC Output Current : 2000mA

OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive switchmode AC switching power supply AC/ DC converter.

OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive fully regulated power supply with IEC input and

OEM Power Supplies Efficiency >85%, depending on input voltage, and output power.

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