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AC/DC and AC/AC Transformer Adapters 6 to 25 Watt

Wall mount power supplies, wall warts, and wall bump

Custom design and manufacture of state-of-the-art battery chargers, UPS, and power supplies for OEMs in a hurry!

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Dimensions of 6 to 25 Watt Wall Bumps, wall warts, wall mount

AC /DC and AC/AC Adpaters 6-25 Watt nominal, Wall Mount, JOD-48U style

How to Design with Wall Mount Power Supplies

These transformer based power supplies are only available in quantities of 1000+ pieces per shipment. Call or write for a quote.
Power Supply
Model No.
Rated Output Voltage Rated Output Current Rated Output  
JOD-48U-01A 12VAC 1A 12VA  
JOD-48U-02A 5VAC 3A 15VA  
JOD-48U-03A 6VAC 1.5A 9VA  
JOD-48U-04A 7.5VAC 1.5A 11.25VA  
JOD-48U-05A 9VAC 1A 9VA  
JOD-48U-06A 9VAC 1.5A 13.5VA  
JOD-48U-07A 9VAC 2A 18VA  
JOD-48U-08A 12VAC 1.2A 14.4VA  
JOD-48U-09A 12VAC 1.5A 18VA  
JOD-48U-10A 12VAC 1.67A 20VA  
JOD-48U-11A 12VAC 2A 24VA  
JOD-48U-12A 13.5VAC 1A 13.5VA  
JOD-48U-13A 15VAC 1A 15VA  
JOD-48U-14A 16VAC 1A 16VA  
JOD-48U-15A 17VAC 1A 17VA  
JOD-48U-16A 18VAC 1A 18VA  
JOD-48U-17A 20VAC 800mA 16VA  
JOD-48U-18A 24VAC 416mA 10VA  
JOD-48U-19A 24VAC 833mA 20VA  
JOD-48U-20A 25VAC 1A 25VA  
JOD-48U-21A 27VAC 750mA 20.25VA  
JOD-48U-22A 13VAC 1.5A 19.5VA  
JOD-48U-23A 10VAC 1.5A 15VA  
JOD-48U-24A 11VAC 1.2A 13.2VA  
JOD-48U-01R 3.35VDC (Regulated) 1A 3.35VA  
JOD-48U-01 13.5VDC 1A 13.5VA  
JOD-48U-02 15VDC 900mA 13.5VA  
JOD-48U-03 17VDC 700mA 11.9VA  
JOD-48U-04 12VDC 1A 12VA  
JOD-48U-05 13.5VDC 850mA 11.5VA  
JOD-48U-06 9VDC 1A 9VA  
JOD-48U-07 12VDC 800mA 9.6VA  
JOD-48U-08 5VDC (Regulated) 1A 5.0VA  
JOD-48U-09 15VDC 800mA 12VA  
JOD-48U-10 13.8VDC 900mA 12.4VA  
JOD-48U-11 5VDC 1.2A 6VA  
JOD-48U-12 6VDC 1A 6VA  
JOD-48U-13 6VDC 1.2A 7.2VA  
JOD-48U-14 6VDC 1.5A 9VA  
JOD-48U-15 7.5VDC 1A 7.5VA  
JOD-48U-16 9VDC 800mA 7.2VA  
JOD-48U-17 9VDC 1.2A 10.8VA  
JOD-48U-18 10VDC 850mA 8.5VA  
JOD-48U-19 10VDC 1.2A 12VA  
JOD-48U-20 12VDC 750mA 9VA  
JOD-48U-21 12VDC 900mA 10.8VA  
JOD-48U-22 12VDC 1.2A 14.4VA  
JOD-48U-23 16VDC 500mA 8VA  
JOD-48U-24 18VDC 1A 18VA  
JOD-48U-25 20VDC 500mA 10VA  
JOD-48U-26 20VDC 750mA 15VA  
JOD48U-27 24VDC 500mA 12VA  
JOD-48U-28 25VDC 300mA 7.5VA  
JOD-48U-29 15VDC 1.2A 18VA  
JOD-48U-30 15VDC 600mA 9VA  
JOD-48U-31 13.5VDC 1.2A 16.2VA  
JOD-48U-32 20VDC, 6VDC 750mA, 300mA 16.8VA  
JOD-48U-33 6VDC 2.1A 12.6VA  
JOD-48Y-34 18VDC 600mA 10.8VA  

Model No. Rated Output Voltage Rated Output Current Rated Output
JOD-48U-35 15VDC 1A 15VA
JOD-48U-36 12VDC 1.5A 18VA
JOD-48U-37 7.5VDC 1.5A 11.3VA
JOD-48U-38 7VDC 1.5A 10.5VA
JOD-48U-39 24VDC 600mA 14.4VA
JOD-48U-40 5VDC 2A 10VA
JOD-48U-41 20VDC 1A 20VA
JOD-48U-42 9VDC 1.5A 13.5VA
JOD-48U-43 4.5VDC 1.5A 6.75VA
JOD-48U-44 5VDC 2.1A 10.5VA
Connector Types
I. D O. D Long Straight Right Angle Type
1 2.1 5.5 V V Barrel
2 2.5 5.5 V V Barrel
3   3.5   V Barrel
4 2.1 5.0 V V Barrel
5 2.5 5.0 V V Barrel
6 1.3 3.5 V V Barrel
7 1.0 3.5 V V Barrel
8 1.0 3.8 V V Barrel
9 0.7 2.35 9.5 V V New EIAJ Female
10 1.7 4.0 9.5 V V New EIAJ Female
11 1.7 4.75 9.5 V V New EIAJ Female
12 1.0 5.5 9.5 V V New EIAJ Female
13 1.4 6.5 9.5 V V New EIAJ Female

The following voltages are represented in the tables above for direct plug in linear power supplies (wall mount or wall bump).
11 VAC 13 VAC 9 VAC 5 VAC 6 VAC 25 VAC 7.5 VAC 27 VAC
10 VAC 12 VAC 13.5 VAC 17 VAC 15 VAC 16 VAC 18 VAC 20 VAC 24 VAC 6 VDC 7.5 VDC 9 VDC
12 VDC 4.5 VDC 5 VDC 7 VDC 25 VDC 13.5 VDC 13.8 VDC 17 VDC 15 VDC
16 VDC 18 VDC 20 VDC 24 VDC Volts AC Volts DC            
ISO 9001 Certified FactoryUL Listed wall mount power supplies

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