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May 23, 2018

20 Watt dual output DC Converter module with 48VDC input and ±15 output at half price

20 watt DC/DC converter module20 watt DC converter module mounted on a circuit board with screw terminal connectors

Click here for a larger view of the DC/DC converter
Pin Dual Output
1 + Input
2 - Input
3 Control
4 + Output
5 Common
6 - Output
7 Trim
These dc to dc converter bricks closely regulate the output voltage over a range of input voltages.

Isolated DC converter modules with 48V input and bipolar output

AV20-48D15 ±15V output ±0.67A 20W $39 Add to cart
AV20-48D15-complete with circuit board as shown         Add to cart
Data Value  
Input voltage 48V 36V to 75V
Output voltage ±15V ±0.67A 20 Watts
Setpoint accuracy ±1%  
Voltage adjust ±10%  
Line regulation ±0.2%  
Load regulation ±0.5%  
Ripple and noise 75mV p-p 100mV p-p for 12V output
Transient response 200 microsecond max for a 25% step  
Control pin Low = on, High = off High = 7.0V or higher
Temperature -25°C to 65°C operating, up to 90° with derating -40°C to 105°C storage
Agency approval UL60950, CSA22.2-60950, TUV EN60950  
Data Sheet Full data sheet here  
Weight 48g, 1.7 oz  
Efficiency ~80%  
MTBF > 200,000 hours Bellcore TR332
Link to gerber files that match the AV20-48D15
PDF of the gerber files


OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive Switchmode 48 volt to +/-15V DC/DC Converter

OEM Battery Chargers High efficiency: approximately 80%.

Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers Wide input voltage range.

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