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July 19, 2018
Dewalt DC9360 replacement cells
Sanyo Lithium ion version
Dewalt DC9360 replacement cells
Samsung Iron Phosphate version

Dewalt DC9360 original equipment cell replacement packs

These came out of new original equipment DC9360 or DCB361 battery packs. They come with what you see here. To rebuild your pack all you need to do is solder two wires and re-assemble the case. These do not come with the cell-balancing end-caps, just use the original ones.

There are several types of cells used in the DC9360. The only ones we have are as shown. The blue one uses Samsung IFR18650-11Q, which are 1100 mAH lithium iron phosphate cells. The red ones use Sanyo UR18650RX cells 2000mAH, which are lithium ion cells. They are not interchangeable! The battery management board in your pack is programmed to charge one or the other, but not both.

Notice that the Sanyo pack has a 10 black cells and 10 red cells. The black cells are empty place-holders. This makes the Samsung and Sanyo packs roughly the same capacity, but the Sanyo pack is much lighter in weight.

How to tell the difference. Early Dewalt 36V packs were made with A123 cells (26mm in diameter, encased in white cardboard). We don't have anything that will rebuild those packs. The Samsung cells were used in 2011, and the Sanyo cells were used in 2013-14. If it says "nano" or "nanophosphate" it has either the A123 or Samsung cells. The new DCB361 Dewalt packs still use the Sanyo packs that we call the DC9360-Sanyo.

PLEASE NOTE: The DCB361 packs are almost impossible to repair, the battery management circuit kills itself when it detects that the battery has failed, even disconnecting it from a good battery usually causes it to fail.
DC9360-Sanyo light weight rebuild pack
Dewalt DC9360 replacement cells No longer available, sorry.
DC9360-Samsung nano rebuild pack
2200mAH. Including the battery management module, no soldering necessary for this one.
Dewalt DC9360 replacement cells No longer available, sorry.
We have a limited quantity of new DCB361 extended energy packs. We have replaced the standard 10 cells with 20 cells of high performance Sony VTC4 cells, giving 36V 5AH and less voltage sag during discharge. We build these for a government agency for first responders. They will give at least 2.5x the run time of the standard battery. 1 year warranty. Dewalt 36V pack, enhanced to 5AH No longer available, sorry.
Security Torx wrench needed to take the Dewalt DC9360 pack apart security torx screwdriver required to disassemble the DC9360 $3.99

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