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Get a battery quote from China for quantities bigger than 10,000 cells.

Specializing in the custom design and manufacturing of switching power supplies, DC UPS and intelligent battery chargers for OEMs in a hurry.

Due to our unique equity position with our factory in China, PowerStream is able to offer you quotes directly from the factory, ensuring that you will get the best possible price for excellent cells and batteries.

This gives you the advantages of local support, pre-qualified battery quality and engineering assistance from PowerStream, as well as the best possible price from China. This eliminates the dangers of using unknown Chinese sources, but gives you the advantages of the best price in China for the best cells.

Click here to e-mail quote
Click here to mail a request for quote. The following information is required:

Battery type, capacity, and size. This can easily be done by a copy-and-paste from the appropriate table on the PowerStream website, for example /NiB.htm

2. If there are special requirements, list these, for example:,
  • solder tabs
  • consumer-style top hat
  • wires
  • connectors
3. Feel free to include drawings, specifications, or data sheets.
4. If you want private label, battery pack design, special terminals, or other engineered requirements please contact PowerStream at the e-mail address below.

If you prefer to have PowerStream obtain the quote for you we would be happy to do so.

You should get your quote within 24 hours. When you would like to order you may deal directly with the factory, or order through PowerStream.
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