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April 21, 2023

Industrial and military grade waterproof IP676 12 volt to 24 volt DC/DC Converters 32 Amp 850 Watt, or 15A 450 Watt

More DC/DC converters with 12VDC input and 1.5V, 5V,  6.5V, 8V, 10V, 11V, 12V, 13.8V, 14V, 15V, 16V, 18V, 19V, 20V, 21V, 24V, 27V, 36v, or 48V output
More DC/DC converters with 12V input
850 watt DC/DC converter 12V to 28V 360 watt dc converter

These DC converters are gasket sealed, and are fully IP676 ingress protected. They have a wide operating temperature range, and use a single military style circular bayonet connector for both input and output. designed to allow the use of 24 volt equipment in 12 volt, 14 volt, and 24 volt vehicles, marine, military, PLC, and cell tower applications. These are attractive, reliable, robust DC/DC converters good for fork lifts, off-road, construction and recreational equipment. They are relatively immune to vibration and shock.

To determine the output amps you need just add up the watts of all the equipment and divide by 28 volts.

These converters are fully isolated and can be used for all 12 volt applications, including negative ground, positive ground, and floating ground installations.
DC-DC Converters 32 Amp
DC to DC Converter
12V to 24V DC/DC converter, heavy duty  waterproof
15 amp
DC to DC converter. Replaces the PSEC-621HS
15 amp waterproof DC/DC converter
Part Number
and Price
6 Foot cable with waterproof connector Cable to fit
$295 each
Cable to fit
$295 each
Connector only CA3106E24-11SB NATO connector without cable
$110 each
One cable is used
CA3106E24-11SB NATO connector without cable
$110 each
One cable is used
Nominal Input Voltage 12VDC All parameters are the same as the PSEC-721HS except where listed below 
Input Voltage range 10.5 to 32VDC  
Max Input current at No Load <160 mA <150 mA
Output voltage 26V 26V
Output voltage adjustment by removing the front plage 16VDC to 28VDC  
Max Output Current(s) 32 Amps for output voltages set between 16V and 28V 15A for output voltages adjusted to 16V and 28V
Max Output Power; the actual output current depends on the ratio between the input and output voltages. Maximum Output power =
Vout * 32 amps
For example 28 volts * 32 Amps = 896 Watts
Vout*15 amps
Max Output Power (continuous) 850W 450W
Output current limit? 110% of maximum current with continuous automatic retry, 1000W peak for short pulses Short pulses up to 550W
Low voltage shut down   10.5 ± 0.3V
Operating Temperature Range at 100% load -40°C to +70°C  
Operating humidity 0-100%  
Efficiency >90 % over full operating range  
Load Regulation <30mV with remote sensing  
Maximum input current 80A at 11.5Vin, 25.5Vout 38A at 11.5V in, 26V out
Switching frequency kHz  
Output ripple noise <50 mV rms  
Isolation Fully isolated between input and output 2500VAC rms
Housing to input >1800VAC
Housing to output >1800VAC
Remote power on/off Yes, through grounding a wire on the connector  
Remote voltage sense Yes. through two sense wires on the connector  
Ingress rating IP676, (dust tight, immersion up to 1 meter depth, 1 Joule mechanical impact energy)  
Connections Mating connector is the Canon 3106E24 - 11SB. See the connection diagram below  
Protection Low input voltage < 10.5 +/-0.3 VDC,
High input voltage > 32.0 +/- 1.0 VDC
Over temperature by internal thermostat, self resetting
Cooling Through convection and the baseplate  
Dimensions 14.62 x 7.75 x 2.95 inches
37 x 20 x 7.5 cm
8.62 x 7.75 x 2.95 inches
21.9 x 20 x 7.5
Fuse can be accessed by removing the front cover ATC-30  
Drawings See below  
Weight 5.5 kg (12 lbs) 3.2 kg (7 lbs)
Audible Noise None  
Warranty 2 years limited warranty for parts and labor  
Remote sense configuration:

remote sense configuration

PSEC-721HS drawing:

drawing of the 850W DC converter showing dimensions

PSEC-628HS drawing

drawing of the 450 watt converter
connection diagram

OEM Battery Chargers Heavy Duty, High Current Switchmode 12VDC/ 24VDC Converters.

Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers Wide input voltage range suitable for 12 Volt, 14 Volt and 16 Volt systems.

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