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May 24, 2022

DC Input Heavy Duty Industrial 12V input to 24V Lead Acid Battery Charger, 25Amp. 5 year warranty.

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24V to 12V DC/DC battery charger, heavy duty industrial and military Charger for 12 volt sealed lead acid, gel cell, or VRLA SLA batteries from a 24 volt  battery, truck, or golf cart
5Amp Heavy Duty, Industrial, Marine, and Military DC/DC chargers 15 Amp 24V Output
12V to 24V DC/DC converter, heavy duty industrial

These are fully regulated switching power converters (switchmode), designed for the charging of of 24 volt lead acid batteries 12 volt vehicles, marine, military, PLC, and cell tower applications. These are attractive, reliable, robust DC to DC battery chargers with high power output. They are relatively immune to vibration and shock, and come in three versions, heavy duty, water proof and military grade. Designed specifically to work in Day Cab HVAC transport vehicle applications.

These converters have common negative, so they are not fully isolated, but can be used for almost all 12 volt applications. They feature a spark-free connection, wide temperature range and 3 year warranty. They all have conformal coating on the electronics for use in marine environments
DC DC battery charger Heavy Duty
20 Amp*
DC to DC charger
12V to 24V DC/DC converter, heavy duty industrial
Conformal coated and ruggedized
DC to DC charger12V to 24V DC/DC converter, heavy duty industrial
Part Number
and Price
Allow up to 15 days for manufacturing
Allow up to 15 days for manufacturing
Input Voltage 11 to 15 VDC
Max Input Current at Full Load 40A
Output Voltage 27.2 VDC
For charging 24V lead acid batteries
Max Output Current(s) * Nominal 20 Amps, but depends on input voltage:
18 Amps at 11V input
25 Amps at 15V input
Max Output Power * Output amps =
Vin/Vout * 45 amps
Duty Cycle 100%, 24 hours a day
Type of Battery Charged Standard SLI, deep cycle lead acid, VRLA (valve regulated lead acid), AGM and Gel Cells
Low Voltage Input Alarm 10.5V
Output Overvoltage Crowbar 32.0V ± 1V
Output current limit? Yes, voltage foldback to keep current within range Yes
Operating Temperature Range -25°C to +40°C -40°C to +55°C
Humidity 0-95% Relative Humidity
Efficiency >90 % at maximum output
Line Regulation <±0.05V
Load Regulation <±0.05V
Switching frequency kHz
Output ripple noise <50 mV rms
Noise inserted on the input terminals <50mV rms <50 mV rms
Isolation Common negative
>500 volts isolation from case to any terminal
Remote power on/off No
Input Fuse 40A AGC x 2
Connections Input #10 AWG wires
Output Screw terminals, two plus and two minus terminals
Each screw terminal can sink our source up to 25 amps, for higher currents use wires in parallel
Protection Over Voltage , Over Current, Current Limiting, Short Circuit Automatic Recovery, Reverse Polarity Input, Reverse Battery Protection, Over Load, Over Temperature Shut Down, Input Undervoltage Shutdown, Output Overvoltage Crowbar
Dimensions 231 x 198 x 109
(9.1 x 7.8 x 4.3 inches)
Drawings Click Here for Drawing
Weight 13.38 Kg (29.5 lbs)
Finish Black Chromate/ Power Epoxy Coat
Audible Noise None
Typical Service Life >87,000 hours
Warranty 5 Years 3 Years

drawing of the PBCD600 showing dimensions


OEM Battery Chargers Heavy Duty, High Current Switchmode DC DC battery chargers.

OEM Battery Chargers High efficiency.

OEM Power Supplies Excellent line and load regulation.

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