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April 26, 2024

24 volt to 12 volt DC/DC Converters

800 Watt DC/DC 24 to 13.8 volt converter 10 Amp (back) and 15 Amp (front) 24 volt to 13.8 Volt DC/DC Converters

This page: high power 24 volt to 12 volt DC/DC converters at low cost. 100 to 800 watts.

These are fully regulated switching power converters (switchmode), designed to allow the use of 12 volt equipment in 24 volt vehicles. These are attractive, reliable, robust DC/DC converters good for fork lifts, off-road, construction and recreational equipment. Those that are listed as "forced air cooling" should be protected from water, spray, and dust that could be sucked into the power supply.
24 volt to 12VDC heavy duty DC/DC converters 5 Amp
More Heavy Duty, Consumer, Industrial, and Military Grade 24VDC to 12VDC Converters

To determine the amperage you need just add up the watts of all the equipment and divide by 13.8 volts.

These are also known as 24 volt voltage reducers, and voltage regulators. These DC/DC voltage reducing converters are suitable for running electronics, such as radios, CD players, computers, and CB radios. They are can be suitable for motors, solenoids, or other electromechanical devices if they are protected from inductive kickback and motor noise, and the converter's output current is rated for the inrush, stall, and locked rotor current of the load.
130 watt isolated DC to DC Converter 10 Amp fully isolated DC converter  
5 amp dc/dc converter 5 Amp continuous, 10 Amp peak common ground DC to DC Converter
10 amp DC/DC converter 10 Amp continuous, 15 Amp peak common ground DC Converter
300 watt peak 28VDC to 13.8VDC converter 15 Amp continuous, 30 Amp peak common ground DC converter
40 amp continuous, 80 Amp peak common ground DC converter
No longer available, sorry.


Inexpensive High Current Switchmode DC/DC Converters.

High efficiency.

Excellent line and load regulation.

Wide input voltage range.

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