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November 11, 2020

12 volt to 12 volt DC/DC Converter (Regulator)

12 volt to 12 volt DC to DC converter and regulator

Fully isolated 100 Watt 12 volt to 12 volt DC/DC converter at low cost. Suitable for voltage stabilization of automobile electronics, instrumentation, audio equipment, special purpose UPS, etc.

These fully isolated DC/DC converters are useful for voltage conversion to operate 12 volt electronics off 12 volt vehicles, cars, golf carts, fork lifts and telecom busses. Best for radios, stereos, DVDs, CB radios, transmitters, programmable controllers.

These DC to DC converters closely regulate the output voltage over a range of input voltages. Fully isolated means that either polarity can be grounded, allowing negative ground equipment to be used in positive ground cars, etc. This would also allow the operation of a 12V negative ground radio in 12V positive ground cars. Whereas many of our 12 volt converters output 13.8 volts, this one is regulated to exactly 12 volts. It is also easily adjusted for voltages between 10 and 16VDC.

Quantity 1-10 11-19 21-100 101+
Extended input range to 10-16 volts
$141 $120.50 $115.00
DC/DC Converter Synocean STC-1210012U
Input Voltage Range 10 VDC to 16 VDC
Output Voltage 12 Volts DC
Continuous Output Power 100 Watts
Continuous Current 8 Amps
Minimum Output for rated voltage regulation 0 A
No-Load Overhead <100 mA
Line Regulation ±1%
Load Regulation ± 5% at terminal block
Topology Transformer Isolated Forward Converter Topology
Switchmode Frequency 67 kHz
Efficiency 80% typical
Protections: (1) Low Input Drop Out
(2) Input Polarity Protect
(3) Input Fuse
(4) Output Short Circuit Protect
(5) Output Current Limited
(6) Output Over Voltage Protect 
Isolation Input to Output: 1500Vac for 1second, Input to Frame Ground: 1500Vac for 1second
Input Connection Screw Terminal Block
Output Connection Screw terminal block
Temperature -20 to 65°C (-5 to 150°F)
Dimensions 172 x 98 x 42 mm
6.75 x 4 x 1.6 inches
Weight 0.9 kg, 2 pounds

mounting drawing, click on drawing for a better view

48VDC to 24VDC dc to dc converter input terminals
Input terminals plus minus and ground (G). The ground terminal is connected to the case and can be left open.
Output terminal strip
Output terminals. "C" is not connected, the plus screws are all in parallel, as are the minus terminals. Multiple screws are provided for convenience of connecting more than one load.

position of the adjustment pot for the 12V to 12V regulator
Adjustment pot. If you need an output voltage other than 12V adjust it here (10V to 16V). You can locate the pot using this drawing, but it can be accessed without removing the cover.


OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive high current DC/DC converter stabilizes voltage for equipment designed for automotive applications that require isolated 12 volts.

OEM Battery ChargersThe DU4824 DC/DC Converter can be used to provide regulated 12VDC negative ground from 12 volts positive ground antique cars.

OEM Power Supplies High efficiency DC/DC Converter >85%.


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