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October 16, 2019

1000 Watt 12 V to 24 V DCDC Converter, Marine Grade, with wide range input (11-16VDC) for marine applications, boats and yachts

40 amp 12V input DC/DC voltage boost converter  1000 W with wide input voltage range

Common-ground 1000 Watt 24 volt to 12 volt DC/DC converter. Suitable for voltage conversion of boat and yacht electronics and telecom equipment

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This common-ground 1000 watt boost converter, 40 Amps maximum is useful for voltage conversion to operate 24 volt electronics in 12V vehicles, marine navigation, marine communication equipment, including, CB radios, transmitters. This DC to DC converter closely regulates the output voltage over input voltages from 11V to 16V.

"Common negative" means that the input and output grounds are connected, useful in most applications where there is a negative ground, such as cars, boats and yachts.
DC-DC Converter Marine grade boost Converter
40 Amp
DC to DC Converter
24V to 12V  DC/DC converter, heavy duty industrial 1000 watts
Part Number
and Price
Input Voltage 11V to 16V DC
Max Input current at No Load 280 mA when "on"
2mA when "off"
Max input current at full load 89 Amps
Output Voltage Nominal 26.3-26.5 VDC factory set, internally adjustable by removing bottom cover
Output Voltage for Standard Product 26.3 ± 0.040 VDC
Max Output Current(s) 40 Amps
Max Output Power 1000 watts peak
Output current limit? Yes, electronic knee at power limit
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +40°C no derating
Derating 1.5% per °C from 40°C to +60°C
Efficiency >90 % at full load
Line and load regulation <±60mV
Low voltage input shutdown 10.5 VDC user adjustabe up to 13V
High voltage input shutdown >17 VDC
Switching frequency kHz
Output ripple and noise <50 mV rms
Remote power on/off No
Input Fuse Circuit breaker
Connections Input: Screw Terminal Block, DIN style terminal block
Output: Screw Terminal Block, DIN style terminal block
Protection Over Voltage , Over Current, Short Circuit , Reverse Polarity , Over Load
Over temperature protection Yes , auto reset
Reverse polarity protection By circuit breaker
Humidity <92% non-condensing
Altitude 6000 meters
Dimensions 350 x 175 x 91 mm (13.8 x 6.9 x 3.6 inches)
Mounting centers 13.3 x 3.93 inches
Weight 5.5 Kg (12 lbs)
Audible Noise None
Cooling Convection, and thermostat controlled fan
Potting for shock, vibration Internally encapsulated for moisture and corrosion resistance


OEM Battery Chargers High current DC/DC voltage converter stabilizes voltage for equipment designed for automotive applications that require 24volts from a 12volt (11 to 16) source.

OEM Battery Chargers The PSEC-680CE DC/DC Converter can be used to provide regulated 24VDC from 12 volt boats and yachts.

OEM Power Supplies High efficiency DC/DC Converter >90%.

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