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March 27, 2019

24 volt input to 19V output voltage reducing DC/DC Converters

19 volt dc to dc converter regulator High power 24 volt to 19 volt DC/DC converters at reasonable cost.
.These are regulated switching power converters (switchmode), designed to allow the use of 19 volt equipment in 24 volt vehicles. These are attractive, reliable, robust DC/DC converters good for fork lifts, off-road, construction and recreational equipment.

These are also known as 24 volt to 19 volt voltage reducers, and switching voltage regulators.\
Price/Quantity 1-10 11-100 101-500 501+
PST-DC/2419-5 24/19 volt DC/DC converter
Also known as UDC-2419-5
$139.75 $95.50 $81.07

Model Number PST-DC/2419-5
Input Voltage Range 18-30 VDC

Nominal 24V DC
Output Voltage 19 volts
(inquire for custom voltage)
Output Voltage Adjustment Range 16.2 to 22 by internal pot VR4 (near C2)
Continuous Current at nominal voltage 5 Amps
Continuous Output Power 100 Watts
Peak Output Power 120 Watts (case gets to 60°C at 120 Watts continuous, external cooling can extend)
Peak Output Current  
No-Load Overhead <100 mA
Line Regulation 1%
Load Regulation 3%
Efficiency >75-85%
Isolation Common ground
Protection (1) Input polarity protection.
(2) Input low voltage drop out [power off reset]
(3) Input high voltage protection [power off reset]
(4) Output short circuit protection [auto reset
(5) Output current limit [auto resume]
(6) Over temperature protection [power off reset]
Dimensions 300mm x 88mm x 42mm (L x W xH)
(11.8 in x 3.5 in x 1.7 in)
See drawing
Drawing Click Here for Drawing
Weight 1.5 kg, 3.3 pounds
Temperature Range 0-55°C
Connections Input & Output Binding Posts (Red: “+” ; Black “-“)

Detailed Specifications

Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers Wide input voltage range.

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