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May 24, 2018

48 volt to 125 volt DC-DC Converter (38v to 72v input)

48V input DC/DC converter catalog
48V DC converter catalog
35 watt 48 volt to 125VDC converter Rare, hard to find, low power 48 volt to 125 volt DC/DC converter. 50 Watts output power.

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These are fully isolated, regulated switching power converters, designed to allow the use of 125 volt devices in 48 volt equipment.
  50 Watt Peak
DC to DC Converter
Price PSTC-DC48125 Obsolete, sorry. Available with MOQ of 100 pieces
Part Number PSTC-DC48125
Input Voltage 37 to 72 VDC
Output Voltage 125 VDC
Max Output Current(s) 0.4 A
Max Output Power (5 minutes) 50 Watts
Max Output Power (4 hours) 50 Watts
Max Output Power (continuous) 50 Watts
Note, the base must have a good thermal contact to an adequate heat sink to run continuously at 0.4 Amps
Output current limit? Yes
Load Regulation ±5%
Line Regulation ±1%
Cross Regulation ±5%
Ripple and noise 1250 mV maximum
Leakage Current <0.05 mA
Efficiency 80% typical
Connectivity 0.1 inch diameter pins
Input 0.3 inch (7.5 mm) centers
Output 0.5 inch (12.5 mm) centers
Output pins for 48 volt to 125VDC converter
Output pins for 48 to 125VDC converter
Remote power on/off? No
Protection Short circuit, over temperature, overload, reverse input. Reverse polarity will blow the fuse without damaging the circuit.
Over Power Protection 130% ± 10%, Shut down and latch off.
Short Circuit Protection Yes, Shut down and latch off
Operating Temperature 0°C to 65°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +85°C
Operating Humidity 20% to 85% RH, Non-Condensing
Operating Altitude -10 meters to +3000 meters above sea level
MTBF >75,000 by MIL Calculation
Environmental This is a board level product, it needs to be enclosed for safety purposes
Size 105 x 42 x 58 mm
4.2x 1.7x 2.25 inches
Weight 187 grams, 6.6 Oz
Additional Features Passive cooling, no fan
Isolation Fully isolated, no galvanic connection between the input and output terminals or the frame.
Isolation 1500 VAC for 1 second input to output, 1500VAC for 1 second input to frame ground
48 to 125 volt dc-dc converter, 35 watts plan view
DC/DC converter 48VDC to 125VDC


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