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May 20, 2020

DIN-rail 12 volt DC UPS controller, 5 amp with USB annunciation and battery health monitoring

12 volt battery charger and UPS for alarms, panels, and cabinets, 5 Amps

12V battery backup system

Accepts power from your 12V power supply, charges an external 12 volt sealed lead acid battery, and switches the load to the battery when the power fails. Also measures the state of health of the battery and communicates status via USB.

DC UPS module keeps 12 volt equipment alive using an external sealed lead acid battery, acting as a battery back-up (BBU). Can supply USB signals to show the status..

Model Price for quantity 1-49 Price for quantity 50-99 Quantity 100-499 Quantity 500+
DC-UPS-12V-DIN Standard
Includes the battery cable
$142 $130 $118
excludes the battery cable and DIN mount
$149 $133 $125 $99
Optional extra battery cable $17.50 $15.40 $13.50 $11.00
We have several models of DC/DC 12V UPS control modules. This one works in 12 volt systems, has a throughput of 5 amps and has the ability to use USB to indicate the status of the UPS and health of the battery.

This is a microprocessor controlled uninterruptible power supply control module. You can connect the module your 12V system and it will accurately charge an external 12 volt lead acid battery of your choice. Your equipment, for example, a small computer, video recorder, or alarm, is connected to the load output of the module. This equipment will run from the panel 12V power supply until the voltage drops below a preset voltage, the "N" voltage for example 11.0 volts depending on your needs. Then the external battery takes over. When the external battery drops below the "P" preset voltage (Between 10 volts and 3 volts depending on your requirements) the power is cut off. This cut off value selection can be determined by the equipment under power, or by avoiding damage to the battery.

These controllers use a voltage boosting charger to charge the auxiliary 12V battery from a range of input voltages down to as low as 10VDC (11.3V default).

The auxiliary battery is isolated from the main electrical system so that it will only operate the equipment attached to the load terminals of the controller. Thus non-essential equipment can be excluded from the battery back up.

The load terminals power your equipment from either the main 12V power or the auxiliary battery, acting as a battery backup (BBU). The switch position depends on the voltage levels of the two inputs.

The DC UPS controller also protects the auxiliary battery from being over-discharged.

One of the most popular applications is to keep communications from an elevator running when the main power drops out.
Detailed Specifications DC-UPS-12V-DIN
Max Charge Current 60 to 120 mA
Auxiliary charging There is a standard 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector to accept charging from an auxiliary charger. We have qualified chargers from 800mA to 5A to allow faster charging if required. The auxiliary charger should supply no more than 5 amps.
Charging starts when main voltage is above 11.3V
Maximum pass-through current 5 amps
Maximum pass-through wattage 60 watts continuous
Type of battery charged Lead acid, VRLA, SLA, etc.
Other battery chemistries can be accommodated at time of manufacture
Nominal Battery Voltage 12 Volts
Battery Capacity 0.8 to 17+ Amp-Hours
Size of module 4.9 x 3.8 x 1.28 inches (124 x 97 x 32.5 mm)
DIN Rail The DIN rail mount will work with 35mm and 15mm DIN rails
External battery connects when the input voltage to the module drops below 11.0 Volts (factory adjustable)
External battery is disconnected from the load when the external battery's voltage drops below 10 volts (factory adjustable)
Temperature Minimum ambient temperature -10°C (-40°C available upon request)
Maximum ambient temperature of 70°C
Power connectors 0.187 x 0.032 right angle spade terminals also known as quick disconnect or Faston terminal
Battery cable The 18 inch battery cable connects to a 6 pin box header, which handles the battery connections (plus and minus) voltage sense wires (plus and minus) and a thermistor
Battery cable connector 6 position rectangular housing JST model VHR-6N with SVH-21T-P1.1 terminals
Pin 1 Thermistor
Pin 2 Thermistor
Pin 3 Voltage sense minus
Pin 4 Voltage sense plus
Pin 5 battery minus
Pin 6 battery plus
Thermistor The thermistor is part of the battery cable harness and is to be taped to the battery.
Type B3950-10k
Battery health test The battery is periodically tested by the UPS to determine its state of health. When the battery recoverable capacity is predicted to be 80% of its original value a "replace battery" signal is sent via USB. Optionally an LED can be installed to give a visual indication that the battery should be replaced.
Test reset button This button is depressed when a new battery is installed to restart the battery health monitor
Annunciation A simple serial query to the USB port returns a code signifying unit is connected to main power or battery power, and if the battery needs to be replaced.
Country of Origin Made in USA, NAFTA eligible

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