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March 27, 2019

DC to AC Inverters for Inductive Loads

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Inverters for inductive loads

Inverters for inductive loads

Most DC/AC inverters have a difficult time starting inductive loads, such as fluorescent lights, refrigerators, motors, tools, and TVs. We use a digital signal processor to adjust the inverter's waveform to allow inductive loads to start reliably. See the application chart below. These inverters also work well when used with non-inductive loads, computers, and switching power supplies.
  • 16MHz RISC High Speed MCU Digital Control
  • Low Input Voltage Drop Out
  • Input Binding Posts
  • 2 LED Multi-function Indicators :
    Battery Low, Battery Alarm, Short Circuit,
    Over Temperature, Over Voltage
  • Buzzer Alert
  • Input Fuse Protect
  • DC Input Polarity Reverse Protection
  • Input/Output Over Voltage Protect
  • Input Battery Low Warning
  • Modified Sine AC Output
  • Output Current Limit
  • Output Short Circuit Protect
  • Over Temperature Protect
  • Switch Mode Operation, High Efficiency (~90%)
  • True Continous Rated Power Without Overheating
  • Power MOSFET,Force Air Cooling
  • Good Load & Line Requlation
  • Blue Anodized Aluminium Housing,with Mounting Clips
  • Model: DC Input AC Output Rated Power for resistive loads Rated Power for Inductive loads Max. Power Stock
    Data Sheet in PDF Format
    5lbs, 13.25x4.75x2.75 inches
    24V 110V 500W 250W 600W In Stock $160
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    NOTE: The following are special order, and take 4 weeks manufacturing time.            
    Data Sheet in PDF Format
    12V 220V 250W 125W 300W  
    Data Sheet in PDF Format
    12V 220V 500W 250W 600W  
    Data Sheet in PDF Format
    12V 220V 1000W 500W 1200W  
    Data Sheet in PDF Format
    12V 110V 250W 125W 300W  
    Data Sheet in PDF Format
    12V 110V 500W 250W 600W  
    Data Sheet in PDF Format
    12V 110V 1000W 500W 1200W  
    Data Sheet in PDF Format
    24V 220V 250W 125W 300W  
    Data Sheet in PDF Format
    24V 220V 500W 250W 600W  
    Data Sheet in PDF Format
    24V 220V 1000W 500W 1200W  
    Data Sheet in PDF Format
    24V 110V 250W 125W 300W  
    Data Sheet in PDF Format
    24V 110V 1000W 500W 1200W  

    Following is a rough estimate of the inductive loads that can be started with these inverters.
    Electric Appliance DA-300 DA-600 DA-1200
    Fluorescent Lamp With Inductive Ballast 40Wx4(160W) 40Wx8(320W) 40Wx16(640)
    Electric Drill 160W 320W 640W
    Heat Gun 160W 320W 640W
    Electric Pump 160W 320W 640W
    Electric Jigsaw 160W 320W 640W
    Fridge 160W 320W 640W
    Electric Motor 160W 320W 640W


    OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive inverters with relatively light weight for power supplied.

    OEM Battery Chargers Protects battery from overdischarge damage.

    OEM Power Supplies Alarm sounds some time before it cuts out due to low battery. How long this is depends on your battery capacity.

    Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers Low cost.

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