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GermKick™ by PowerStream

GermKick hands-free door opener, made in the USA, and is ADA compliant

Spreading disease is a modern-day problem. It deserves a modern-day approach. Like a sanitary door opener. The GermKick is a foot operated door handle that allows a swinging door to be opened hands-free. It is the attractive and affordable public restroom hardware to fit the modern world. GermKick is made of a very durable engineering polymer blend that is soft enough to protect shoes, and durable enough to last for years.

Reduces paper towel usage and litter. Compatible with wood or metal doors. Prevents the transfer of a variety of communicable diseases, such as COVID-19, SARS, MERS, Influenza, common cold, HIV and many more.

This germ-free door opener is similar to the StepnPull ® Hands Free 4 Health, Toepener ® , TheDoorWave and Clean Hands ® door foot pull openers with a modern appeal, color options and lower cost.

GermKick hands-free door opener
Single piece $49
10 - 49 pieces $39
50 - 99 pieces $32
100+ pieces $30
Germkick Black add_to_cart.gif In Stock
GermKick Grey add_to_cart.gif In Stock
GermKick Red add_to_cart.gif In Stock
GermKick Safety Orange add_to_cart.gif In Stock
GermKick PolyAgave* add_to_cart.gif 125 Left in Stock
GermKick Pink add_to_cart.gif
In Stock
GermKick Green Please call 7 days lead time
GermKick White Please call 7 days lead time
GermKick Blue Please call 7 days lead time

*PolyAgave is a polymer additive based on fibers from the agave plant. PolyAgave is a by-product of the tequila industry and made in Mexico. The brown color and fiber-texture gives the GermKick an organic, wood, leather, rustic or military feel. It has the same durability as our other colors.

GermKick sanitary door opener colors

GermKickhands-free door opener  in PolyAgave
PolyAgave has a fibrous texture unlike the other colors we offer
PolyAgave texture

Custom colors are available with 100 piece minimum order. Pantone color matching is also available, please call.

Check out the GermKick data sheet here.

GermKick foot pull  has 1/2 inch of soft polymer teeth
The GermKick touch free door opener has 1/2 inch thick soft polymer teeth for gripping shoes.

Modern upgrade from Germ-dodge, Germguard, Exitissue, Step on It, sani-door, and Foot Pull.

Q: What is better, a lift-pull or step-pull style door opener?

A: One advantage of a lift-pull opener is that it doesn't put force on the door hinges. Stepping on the corner of the door has a 3-feet of leverage on the bottom hinge and over 7-feet of leverage on the top hinge. This could cause early failure of the door hinges, depending on their quality and the traffic through them.


Restaurant in CT: As part of our COVID start-up plan we bought two GermKicks for our high-end restaurant.

Meat processing plant: We have outfitted two facilities with GermKicks. Over 100 restroom and other swinging doors are now hands-free.

Las Vegas casino: We bought a GermKick for evaluation. After several days of using it we bought enough for all three of our resort properties.

Information Technology company in TX: Our employees wanted to see concrete evidence of our commitment to their health, this was a no-brainer.

Corrections Facility in ND: Installed GermKicks in our administration offices.

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