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April 26, 2024

9000VA 3-Phase Inverters

Rugged, heavy duty and industrial grade 3-phase pure sine wave DC/AC inverters, 24V, 48V, 125V or 250VDC inputs available. 208VAC or 380VAC or 415VAC output, 60Hz, 50Hz, or 400Hz, 9000 watts.

9000VA 3 phase Pure Sine Wave Inverters 3-phase inverters, 3000 watts, 9000 watts, 1500 watts
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  • Pure sine wave output exactly duplicates mains power.
  • Extra heavy filtering to isolate noise from equipment sharing the same battery
  • Neutral point is grounded--Ultra quiet with no electrical interference.
  • Low battery voltage warning and shutdown for battery protection
  • Suitable for operation with lead acid, sealed lead acid, lithium ion and lithium iron phosphate batteries.
  • Up to 50°C ambient temperature operation without derating
  • Thermostatically controlled fan
  • Isolated, can be used in positive or negative ground applications.
1500 watt 3 phase DC/AC inverters 208Vrms 3-Phase 380Vrms 3-Phase 415Vrms 3-Phase
Part Number
and Price
Allow up to 8-12 weeks for manufacturing
Allow up to 8-12 weeks for manufacturing
Allow up to 8-12 weeks for manufacturing
Output Voltage 208VAC 3-phase 380VAC 3-phase 415VAC 3-phase
Input Voltage 20.4 - 28 VDC for 24V nominal
40.8 - 54 VDC for 48V nominal
106 - 147 VDC for 125V nominal
212 - 294 VDC for 250V nominal
Output Frequency 60 Hz pure sine wave 50Hz or 400Hz available
Max Output Power Three phase 6000VA continuous 9000VA peak for starting motors and compressors
Humidity 5-95% humidity, non-condensing
Efficiency 88% at full load
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C
Output current limit? Yes
Duty Cycle Continuous power 24 hours per day
Load Crest Factor 2.0 at 90% load
Frequency Stability ±0.1% (within 90 seconds/day if the sine wave is used for timing)
Isolation Fully Isolated
>2250 volts isolation chassis-output terminals, >2250V input-output terminals, >500V isolation input-chassis for input voltage less than 60 volts, 1500VDC for input voltage greater than 60V
RFI Suppression EN55022 Class B if input current is less than 70 Amps
Class B filtering if input current is greater than 70 Amps
Load regulation < ±6% from 10% load to full load
Line Regulation < ±0.5%
Output Distortion <5 % at full load
Input Connections Terminal block Phoenix 125A type on each input module
Output Connections 4-pole Terminal block with 1/2" spacing
Agency compliance Designed to meet C22.2 No. 107.1 - 01, UL 458, EN60950
Dimensions Package Dimensions (WxHxL) Three 3U4 enclosures, each with size: 244 x 132 x 407mm and one 3U7 case with size: 132 x 483 x 432mm 19” rack mount
Weight 38 Kg (84 lbs)
Cooling Fan array comes on when needed
Protection Over Voltage , Over Current, Short Circuit , Reverse Polarity , Over Load, thermal shutdown with automatic recovery
Country of Origin Canada, NAFTA eligible
Service life 10 years
Warranty* 2 years

*Warranty depends on installation within good engineering practice.

3 phase power inverter

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