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More Capacitive Discharge, Micro-TIG, and Pulsed Laser Spot Welders and Micro-TIG welders Superbly Engineered and made in the USA

July 28, 2020

Whether you are trying to solve a particular welding problem or need a general purpose tool, please call our engineers to determine the best configuration for your production line or laboratory.

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Capacitive Discharge Spot Welders for battery and small part assembly

Capacitive discharge spot welders for battery and  small parts assembly
Capacitive Discharge Spot Welder at low price for high quality micro spot welds

Micro Arc TIG welders

Highly adaptable tungsten-inert-gas welders highly accurate micro-tips for mold repair and specialty welding.

micro tig welds two screws together
Welding small parts

litz wire termination
Litz wire termination

titanium to niobium arc weld
Welding exotic and refractory metals

thermocouple welding and attachment
Thermocouple fusion assembly, welding and attachment
Orion Pulse Arc TIG Welders
Click here for video of the micro-arc TIG welder

arc welding nickel to copper
Welding nickel to copper

seam welding and vacuum flange
Seam welding and vacuum flange welding

Laser spot welders

Laser spot welders are useful for micro-spot welding
when you can't easily ground the part, or where the part is not conductive or poorly conductive.

laser spot weld of chromel ribbon to copper wire

Laser welding chromel ribbon to copper wire.
butt weld 30AWG wire
Butt welding AWG30 wire to RTD wire

lead frame welding
MEMS welding tantalum leads to lead frame

wire in tube welding
MEMS nitinol wire welded into a tube, can be done with micro arc welding or laser welding
laser spot welder

Weld heads, parallel and opposed pneumatic and cable versions

battery welding with a capacitive discharge welder
Battery welding with parallel electrodes

opposed electrode weld head
Opposed electrode welding

opposed electrode cd welding
Opposed electrode joining
parallel weld heads
Parallel and opposed weld heads for resistance welding

Micro force precision weld heads

ceramic circuit board connection
Ceramic circuit board connection

circuit board repair-flexible circuit boards
Circuit board repair

tiny welds

Micro parts welding
micro weld head
Parallel micro weld head with dial-in force adjustment down to 40 grams-force and up to 3500 grams-force for micro-spot welding.

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