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April 17, 2023    

In stock 20 Watt Fully Isolated DC/DC 12 Volt Converter bricks at 1/2 price

12 to 12 volt converter mounted on the circuit boad 
Complete product with circuit board and wire terminals Bare module ready for mounting on a circuit board is also available

This is a fully isolated 12V to 12V DC/DC converter module, or "brick." It has 1600 volts isolation from input to output, has a standard footprint, and a wide voltage input of 9-18VDC. The 12 volts output is at 1670 mA, giving 20 watts. It has automatic recovery from power overload protection, which kicks in at about 24 watts.

The short circuit protection is done by an automatic recovery "hiccough mode," meaning that when it detects an overload it tries to come on, then if the fault is still there it will shut off. This happens continually until the fault is corrected.

This is perfect for regulating 12 volts from battery or automobile voltage sources. We can also supply the circuit board to mount these to, the Gerber files are linked below.
These are high quality, brand name Taiwanese converters in a polished nickel plated copper case. Shielding is on all 6 sides.
Quantity 1-50

Consists of the PST-SU20-12-12S mounted on the
PST-SU20 circuit board with added parts to make a complete module.
Price PST-SU20-12-12S
This is only the brick module.
This is only the circuit board to mount the DC converter on (see below)
Isolated DC converter modules.
Part Number Input Output Max Current Max Power Form Factor  
PST-SU-12-12 9-18 V 12 V 1.670 A 20 Watts 51 mm PDF Data Sheet

table showing specifications fhe SU20-1212 The trim range is ±10%

On-OFF Pin: Grounding this pin turns the output off.
Click here for a larger view of the DC/DC converter drawing 
Pin Single Output
1 On/Off (ground this pin to turn the output off)
2 - DC In
3 +DC In
4 No connection
5 + 12VDC Out
6 - DC Out
7 Trim
This is an "x-ray view" from the top, showing what the PC board pattern will look like
Pin out list
Derating curve at high temperatures
Free Protel CAD files and Gerber files of a circuit board to fit this unit:

BOM in PDF Format

You can add this artwork to your own design, make this board yourself, or you can purchase it from us, either as a bare board or with the connectors, trimpot and capacitor soldered on. We can also pot this as a module if you like.
Circuit board for mounting the SU20 series DC/DC converters
12 to 12 volt converter mounted on the circuit boad
The fully populated board.


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