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October 6, 2022

Battery backup for serious sump pumps, both existing sump pumps and new installs

quarter hp sump pump battery backup controller and inverter sump pump battery backup  sump pump battery back-up 1200 watts
1/4 HP battery backup inverter/charger 1/2HP battery backup inverter/charger 3/4HP battery backup inverter/charger
Model Price

PSEC-443PS 1/4 HP pump battery backup 600W


PSEC-822PS 1/2 HP pump battery backup, 1200 Watts


PSEC-1622PS 3/4 HP pump battery backup, 1800 Watts

These are innovative power stations designed to operate your pump during power outages.

Installation is straightfoward, just plug the battery backup into the AC, plug the existing sump pump into the backup and attach a 12V deep cycle battery. The battery backup will automatically charge the battery and wait on standby until the power drops out. Any sized battery can be used, letting you choose how much backup time you need.
When the power returns the battery backup electronics switches the pump to wall power and starts to charge the battery. Back up time is proportional to battery size. Compatible with a sealed lead acid battery technologies, no acid needed or fumes emitted. Only use deep-cycle batteries, car batteries will fail quickly

Takes no space in the sump pit, so it is an excellent enhancement for an existing sump pump.
Please note that these inverters are pure sine wave. A motor will only use the sine wave portion of a "modified sine wave" inverter, converting the rest of the wave into heat in the motor.
Pumping capacity 1500 gal/hour on a 10ft rise with 1/4 HP pump
3000 gal/hour on a 10ft rise with 1/2 HP pump
5000 gal/hour on a 10ft rise with 3/4 HP pump
Battery charging rate up to 20 Amps, with multistage charging and float mode
Recharge time A 200 AH battery can charge in 10 hours
Backup time A 1/4 HP pum will run about 2.5 hours continuously from a 200 AH battery
A 1/2 HP pump will run about an hour continuously from a 200 AH battery
A 3/4 HP pump will run about 45 minutes continuously
Pumping capacity Either pump will pump about 3000 gallons on a 200AH battery, or 300 ten-gallon cycles.
Maximum battery capacity You can put as many 12V batteries in parallel as you like, extending the run time for as long as you want
Cables Appropriate cables are included

Recommended batteries:
Sealed lead acid batteries are compatible with this application, for exampe this 120AH model https://www.powerstream.com/store/bp120-12.htm

sump pump run time

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