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February 3, 2023

Insulating Clamping Parts For Power Transistors, Dual Clamp Insulating, self threading assembly

insulating clamping bar for to222 semiconductor packages
Material: Made from virgin ABS copolymer. It is optimized for high strength, high temperature stability, hydrolysis resistance, and exposure to lubricants. We have a materials scientist on staff and he knows where to get the good stuff.
Made in the USA. Note, we can use other polymers on special order, including Vydine P66 glass filled, rated at 240ºC deflection temperature.
Appearance: Designed by our industrial design division, the mold texturing has produced a precision part with a beautiful matte finish.

CompatibilityDesigned to clamp two TO220, TO218 or TO247 packages

Self-tapping screws make assembly easy. Made in the USA.
Dimensions 1.1 0.45 0.44 inches
  28 11.5 11.1 mm
Screw hole diameter 0.09     inches
  2.26     mm
Boss diameter
(between the TO220 packages)
0.195     inches
Recommended screw size #3-24 plastic thread-forming
Recommended torque 4.0 kgf-cm
Deflection Temperature 102°C
TO220 bar clamps
package of 10
Bulk package of 100 $50
Bulk package of 500 $200
transistor clamping bracket    
 transistor clamping bar in use  
 close up of the TO220 clamping bracket  
transistor heat sink clamp  
transistor heat sink bracket  
 TO220 clamp bar  
 TO218 dual package clamp bar  
 TO247 heat sink clamp bar  

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