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April 19, 2022 Compatible battery packs:

Adapter, 4 pin Female XLR to cigarette lighter plug for photography lights

12 volt battery station with up to  22 amp hour capacity 12 volt 22 amp hour lead acid battery pack with shoulder strap.
lightweight 12V 7.8AH lithium battery with charger
Minimalist lightweight 115 watt-hour lithium ion battery pack, 12 volts 7.8AH 1.3 lbs, cigarette lighter output
female XLR to cigarette lighter adapter

Handy adapter lets you use a portable battery with the Smith-Victor SV840K, SV950, Model280 video light, Cool-Lux CC-8010, CL1000DFV, CL500DSG, CL500BFG, Anton Bauer, Frezzi, and other compatible video lights

These quality 4-pin XLR connector adapters are handy for photographers wanting to use video lights off the grid.

cigarette lighter to 4 prong XLR female adapter add_to_cart.gif $14.50

Part Number 4P-XLR-Cig
Parameter Adapter
Input connection Cigarette lighter plug
Output connection Female 4-pin XLR connector
4 pin XLRWiring Diagram
4 pin xlr pinout
Pin 1 Ground or negative
Pin 2 not connected
Pin 3 not connected
Pin 4 positive
Wire sizes 18 AWG coaxial cord, 80°C VW-1 300V
Fuse 12 Amps
Recommended maximum continuous power 100 Watts (8.3 amps)
Overall length 52 inches 132cm
Weight 2.7 oz., 77 grams
Higher performance replacment for Bescor XLR-CJ, Cool-Lux CC8014
4 pin xlr battery adapter  
Applications include running the QDCAM high speed BOX camera from a car or jump-start battery pack.

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