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April 22, 2022

12 volt portable battery station, 22 Amp Hours, now with SLA and Lithium versions and optional 4-Pin DIN connector for photography

12 volt battery station with up to  450 watt-hour capacity, AC and USB ports
New: 12 volt 450 watt-hour lithium battery pack with 12V, USB, and AC outputs. 45 watt hour lithium battery pack has built-in DC to DC converters and 45 watt hours 2.3 amp hour battery pack, portable battery power for battery portable applications.
For 1 pound lithium ion battery 5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12, 14, 16, and 19 volts click here

Small version of the lead acid battery bag portable power station.
Portable battery power station, 12 volts The innovative PST-BP200 uses a leakproof sealed lead acid battery to create a 15 pound portable power source. Includes both AC and car chargers. Battery pack with cigarette lighter output.

Often we get calls from photographers, astronomers, field researchers, CPAP patients , campers, fishermen and plain ordinary people like us who need a convenient source of portable power to power DC equipment in the field.
The BP23 2.3 AH 12V accupack was developed for this purpose, and now the BP-200 extends this to almost 10 times the stored energy, weighing less than 15 pounds (with other configurations that store and weigh less). The charging can be done from an AC outlet or a car, and the output is a female cigarette lighter socket output for easy use. This is a package consisting of a 7.5AH to 22 amp-hour, 12 volt sealed lead acid rechargeable battery, a 12V cigarette lighter socket output and both an AC charger and a DC car charger.

It consists of a tough padded nylon-canvas fabric bag that contains the battery and wiring for charging and discharging. The sealed lead acid battery can be charged or discharged in any position and is completely non-spillable. The charger is in a pouch and can be left home if you don't want to carry it with you.

For example, when the portable battery is used with your cell-phone car charger attached the BP-200 can run a typical cell phone for 150 times longer than the battery in the phone, or charge the phone 100-150 times.

Special Features :
  • 12 to 22 Amp-Hour (depending on model selected), 12 Volts lead acid rechargeable battery may be operated in any position.
  • Portable rechargeable battery with automatic overcharge protection
  • Directly power devices designed to plug into a car power point or cigarette lighter, such as laptops, games, cell phone chargers, GPS, palmtop computers, flashlights, cellular "bag" phones, heated clothing, sports score boards, sleep apnea or 12 volt model car chargers.
  • For added flexibility use our regulated DC/DC car power adapters for voltage outputs from 1.5 volts to 24 volts to enjoy unlimited use of electronic products such as games, CD players, walkmans, score boards, video cameras, MINI TVs, and heated clothing.
  • Battery portable power supply perfect for OEM sales, modifications are available, for example with built-in DC converter, DC charger, or AC inverter. Private label available.
  • The charger can be carried in the pocket provided or left home to reduce carrying weight.
  • Certified non-spillable lead acid batteries are qualified for flight on commercial airlines.
Price includes Battery, Bag, AC charger and Car charger Please allow 1-5 days for shipping Quantity 1-10 Quantity 11-50
sealed lead acid
264 Watt-hours. Uses the HR22-12 battery, see the battery option table below for more details. 12V 22 Amp Hour. No longer available, sorry take a look at our new option:
Lion Energy Cub Go™ 120 WH lion energy cub go battery pack
sealed lead acid
216 Watt-hours. Uses the new reduced weight BC18-12 sealed lead acid battery, below for more details. 12V 18 Amp Hour Or the
12 volt 450 watt-hour lithium battery pack with 12V, USB, and AC outputs.
12 volt battery station with up to  450 watt-hour capacity, AC and USB ports
sealed lead acid
144 Watt-hours. Uses the new EB12-12 sealed lead acid battery, see below for more details. 12V 12 Amp Hour  
lithium iron phosphate
280 Watt-hours. With 22AH Lithium iron phosphate battery, weighs 6.5 lbs  
Optional USB cell phone charger
4 station USB charger with cigarette lighter input and output
4 USB charging ports and an extension socket, no charging cords included $15.75
4 pin xlr for video and photography equipment 4-Pin Female XLR connector for use with photography lights and equipment $14.50

Model Number PST-BP200-xxx
AC Charger 2 amp smart charger may be left on the battery continuously for back up purposes. The charger includes a rejuvenation function.
Click here to view the complete battery charger data sheet
Peak Output Current 15.0 Amps (limited by a 15amp circuit breaker)
Output Voltage Nominal 12 volts
Capacity See battery option table below
Output Voltage Range 13.8-10 volts as battery discharges
(14.6V to 10V for lithium iron phosphate models)
See DC/DC converter options below
Dimensions 7.5 x 7.5 x 5.25 inches
190 mm x 190 mm x 130 mm
Weight See battery option table below
OEM Options OEM Options Click Here
User's Guide Download the BP-200 user's guide here

Portable battery life table:
Battery options HR22-12 BLP1220-12 BC18-12 EB12-12
Amp-Hours 22 AH 22 AH 18 AH 12AH
Watt-Hours 264 WH 280 WH 216 WH 144 WH
Cell-phone charges* 33-67 35-71 25-51 17-34
Cycle life 300 cycles 1500+ cycles 300 cycles 300 cycles
Charge time with included intelligent charger 11 Hours 8 hours 9 hours 6 hours
Weight including bag 15.1 lbs,
6.85 kg
7 lbs, 3.2 kg 13 lbs,
5.7 kg
7.7 lbs
3.5 kg

*Based on cell phone batteries of 1400 to 2800 mAH, 85% charger efficiency.
Note: Cycle life predictions are based on 70% depth of discharge at 25°C. The battery is considered "dead" when 60% of initial recoverable capacity remains (in other words when a 20AH battery can only supply 12AH when fully charged it is considered to be at its end-of-life for the purposes of this specification). For 100% depth of discharge (to 10.5 volts) the cycle life will be about half of that in the chart. To achieve these cycle lives the battery must be kept at full charge when not in use. The included battery charger is design to accurately and safely charge and maintain the battery and may be left connected to the battery continuously if desired for standby purposes.

Typical run time calculations
Power Drawn from Battery
(Watts = Amps*Volts)
HR22-12 BLP-1220 BC18-12 EB12-12
1 watt 264
5 watts 53 56 43 29
10 watts 26.4 28 21 14.4
15 watts 17.5 18.6 14 9.1
20 watts 13.2 14 10 6
30 watts 8.8 9.3 6 3.5
60 watts 3.8 4.6 3 1.5
90 Watts 2.2 3.1 1.5 1
120 watts 1.3 2.1 1 0.6

Accessory Table of DC/DC converters that will offer regulated DC voltage
If you need Maximum Current
(the PST-BP200 will source up to 120 watts)
Use PowerStream DC/DC Converter Model
1.5 Volts 0.35 Amps
350 mA
1.5 Volts 3 Amps
3000 mA
3 Volts 2.7 Amps
2700 mA
3.3 Volts 2.7 Amps
2700 mA
4.5 Volts 2.2 Amps
2200 mA
6 Volts 2.2 Amps
2200 mA
7.5 Volts 2.1 Amps
2100 mA
9 Volts 2.1 Amps
2100 mA
11 Volts 4.4 Amps
12 Volts regulated 4.4 Amps
15 Volts 2.5 Amps
2500 mA
15 Volts 6 Amps
6000 mA
15 Volts 6 Amps
6000 mA
16 Volts 5.6 Amps
5600 mA
16 Volts 6 Amps
6000 mA
18 Volts 2.5 Amps
2500 mA
18 Volts 5 Amps
5000 mA
18 Volts 6 Amps
6000 mA
19 Volts 4.7 Amps
4700 mA
19 Volts 6.0 Amps
6000 mA
20 Volts 4.5 Amps
4500 mA
20 Volts 6 Amps
6000 mA
21 Volts 2.5 Amps
2500 mA
22 Volts 4.1 Amps
4100 mA
22 Volts 5.0 Amps
5000 mA
24 Volts 2.5 Amp
2500 mA
24 Volts 3.75 Amps
3750 mA
24 Volts 5 Amps
5000 mA
48 Volts 2 Amps peak
1500 mA continuous

Q: How long will a CPAP machine run using the PST-BP200-HR22?
A: Using a ResMed Escape II CPAP with the ResMed DC-12 converter one of our customers reports 14 hours run time.

OEM Options can be developed as required:

Fixed voltage output
Adjustable voltage output
AC output
Flexible charging options from DC or solar
Custom connectors
New battery chemistries


OEM Battery Chargers Complete off-the-shelf battery pack/charger combination, including AC and Car chargers and 12 volt output.


JR, Florida I purchased two BP200/HR22 batteries 12 volt, 2 years ago, for the electric fishing reels after bad experiencing of many type of batteries. Power Pack battery is excellent. It holds up so far. I bought the battery that comes with carrying case, which is very nice and compact. I am 100% satisfied.

Joan, MN. We needed a way to power a heating pad for the driver in our school busses, which have no power connection by the driver. This pack powers the 45W heating pad for 5 hours, and keeps our drivers toasty, thanks!

Brad, NYC. I am a busker, and use an amplifier for the guitar and mike. The battery bag helps me set up quickly and tear down quickly.

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