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May 12, 2021  

Lithium Ion 12 volt portable battery stations for CPAP and portable electronics

lithium ion portable battery station These are complete portable DC power systems consisting of large lithium packs for portable 12V power both regulated and unregulated outputs, including output connectors, charger, and leather carrying bag. 45 watt hour lithium battery pack has built-in DC to DC converters and 45 watt hours 2.3 amp hour battery pack, portable battery power for battery portable applications.
For 1 pound lithium ion battery 5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12, 14, 16, and 19 volts click here
Bag style 7.5 to 22 AH battery pack with chargers 2.3 amp hour battery pack, portable battery power for battery portable applications.
For 7.5-22 Amp-Hour portable power station click here
Lithium ion chemistry
Aluminum case
Leather travel bag
Built-in safety circuitry prevents over charge, over discharge, or thermal runaway
5 Stage battery fuel gauge
Recharge time 5 hours
Useful for CPAP machines, laptop computers, video and photography equipment, scientific instruments, portable entertainment systems
Price includes Battery, Bag,
AC charger and adapters
Please allow 1-5 days for shipping Quantity 1-10 Quantity 11-50
PMD-CP12266 266 watt-hour, 22AH 12V lithium ion battery pack. No longer available, sorry  
PMD-CP12266W 266 watt-hour, 22AH regulated 12V lithium ion battery pack No longer available, sorry  
PMD-CP12150 150 watt-hour 12.5AH lithium ion battery pack No longer available, sorry  
lightweight 12V 7.8AH lithium battery with charger   Minimalist lightweight 115 watt-hour lithium ion battery pack, 12 volts 7.8AH 1.3 lbs, suitable for CPAP machines, includes charger and shoulder-strap carrying case  

Adapters are available to convert the 12 volts from the PMD-CP1226 and PMD-CB12150 to other voltages, as are shown in the following table

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