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January 15, 2024

200 Watt 48V input, 2.5 Volts 80 Amps DC/DC Converters

2.5V 200W DC/DC converter with 48V input
Pin Single Output
1 + In, positive input
2 RC Remote Control
3 Case ground
4 - Input, negative input
5, 10 - Out, negative output
6 - Sen, negative sense
7 Vadj, output voltage adjust
8 + Sen, positive sense
9,11 +Out, positive output
200W-300W DC/DC converter, 48VDC input

PKL4119PIT DC/DC converter 48V in, 2.5V 80Amps output, half brick form factor add_to_cart.gif $75
PKL4119PIT Ericsson 48V to 2.5V, 200W DC-DC converter
Input Range +36VDC to +75VDC
Input Current Maximum 6.7A
Output Voltage 2.5VDC
Output Current Zero to 80 Amps
Output Power 200 Watts
Voltage set point accuracy ±5 to 15 mV
Line Regulation ±15 mV max, 5mV typical
Load Regulation ±15 mV max, 5mV typical
Ripple and noise 150mVp-p max, 80mV typical
Input ripple rejection 53 dB at 60 Hz
Efficiency 83-85% typical
Remote Sense 4-Wire configuration, shared with the trim function
Remote On-Off terminal polarity VIN Negative (turns off when pin 2 is shorted to pin 4)schematic for the remote control function
Dynamic Regulation 50% load step 3%
  Settling time 300 µSec
Output voltage trim range 2VDC to 2.75VDC (this is also the compliance range when using sense wire control.
Short circuit protection Continuous
Over current protection Continuous, 170% of full load threshold
Over voltage protection Continuous, 3.45V ± 0.45V trip range
Turn-on time < 40mS, typical 20mS
Switching Frequency 180 kHz
Temperature range -40°C to 100°C operating (baseplate), storage -55°C to +125°C
Input overvoltage tolerance To 80VDC without damage, and 100 volts for 100 mSec max
Isolation 1500 VDC input to case
Isolation 500 VDC output to case
Isolation 1500 VDC input to output
Size 2.42x2.4x0.5 inches, 61.5x61x12.7 mm, standard half-brick size
Encapsulation Conformal coated only
Humidity <95%, non condensing
Vibration 5G, 3 axis, 5 minutes each
Agency Approval UL component (RU mark), CSA, TUV, CE Compliant
Data sheet Full data sheet

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