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Pukka Electric Mini-bikes GX400C

Electric minibike outperforms electric scooters The Pukka electric minibike is safer than a scooter!
No longer available from PowerStream, sorry.

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Quality Electric MiniBikes from PowerStream and Pukka USA

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Pukka electric minibike nameplate Adjustable Spring Shock on Pukka Electric Minibike Solder Tabs for Li/SOCl2 Non-rechargeable cells ATV style thumb throttle on Pukka electric minibike
Pukka Easy Adjust Seat Sturdy Handlebar Adjustment on Pukka electric minibike
Pukka electric scooter Pukka Powerful 400 watt motor Quality pneumatic tires on Pukka electric minibike
Pukka electric minibike Fine Pitch Chain Drive on Pukka electric minibike Quality Axle and Brake on Pukka electric minibike Swing Arm Construction for a comfortable ride on Pukka electric minibike The Pukka Battery and controller are inside the battery box Purchase Information

Why is PowerStream selling the Pukka electric mini-bike? Because it uses the PowerStream-developed PWM speed controller, which has beyond the state-of-the-art safety and performance features. This brand-name electric minibike is built to last by a company committed to customer support.

Updates for 2005: the 2005 model is identical to the original Pukka except that it has motorcycle-grade keyswitches and is shipped in a more robust box to prevent damage during shipment

Pukka Minibike Safety Features
Electrical system control: Pulse Width Modulator (PWM)
• Pukka's exclusive Parental Speed Control (PSC™)—allows a parent to lock top speed at 12mph (keyed switch)
• Softstart—prevents unintentional wheelies
• Brake-activated power shutoff—prevents the brake and the motor from being activated simultaneously
• Ignition/throttle shutdown—prevents acceleration if ignition switch is turned on while throttle is activated
• Redundant relay protection—eliminates the possibility of relay welding under extreme system abuse
Frame: Pukka uses oversized steel tubing and a smooth monoshock suspension
Throttle: Variable speed, thumb activated—minimizes accidental acceleration
Tires: Pukka exclusive puncture-resistant, tubeless tires
Brake: Rear wheel, CPSC-compliant, band-style
Handlebar pad

The Pukka is an electric scooter paradox: It's not only the most thrilling electric ride-on money can buy, it's also the safest. If you are in doubt, consider your grandparents, or maybe an eight-year old, flying around the neighborhood on a high-powered electric scooter. Unthinkable! And yet grandparents and small children alike can safely ride a Pukka minibike.

Why, you might ask.

The Pukka is an electric minibike, not a scooter. Bikes are safer than scooters. It's just that simple. For example, brake too fast on a scooter and you'll likely do a face plant. But lock up the brake on a Pukka and you should skid to a stop without incident. Hit a speed bump or pothole too fast on a scooter and you could become a projectile. In contrast, the Pukka’s monoshock suspension and frame geometry allow you to handle most unforeseen obstacles with ease.

Bikes are more fun to ride than scooters because they are more stable. Scooters need a lot of your energy to keep them up because they are inherently unstable. (Try letting a scooter handlebar go--the scooter will fall immediately). Bikes make you feel like you are gliding. Aside from the inherently stable ride, every Pukka comes standard with the Pukka-exclusive PSC™ technology, enabling you to lock the top speed at 12mph, and a cadre of additional safety features that most of our scooter and minibike competitors haven't yet listed on a white board, let alone engineered into their products.

Pukka Minibike Performance
Speed: 18mph
Acceleration: 0-18mph in 3 seconds
Range: up to 24 miles on a single charge

Buy a no-name electric scooter from an on-line auction and here's what you'll likely get: the cheapest motor and battery money can buy, flimsy metal and an off-the-shelf variable-speed controller. No component matching. No custom engineering. No fine tuning. The result, of course, is predictable: a sad scooter.

So what’s different about a Pukka mini-bike?

The easy answer is performance. The Pukka mini-bike offers snap-your-head-back acceleration and incredible range between charges. But to really understand the Pukka difference, you need to look closer. For example, disassemble the Pukka’s high-efficiency, 400-watt motor and you'll find oversized, cartridge bearings. Check out Pukka’s battery pack and you'll find deep-cycle, rapid-discharge technology—way too expensive for the no-names but essential for Pukka-level performance.

But the real key is Pukka’s proprietary PWM (Pulse Width Modulator). Under development for more than a year, the PWM is the Pukka’s heart and soul. It's simple, elegant design pushes the reliability envelope and produces awesome performance, conserving energy when it can and delivering a whopping 60 amps when it needs to.

The Pukka mini-bike is an exceptional electric ride-on and is easily the leading electric MiniBike™.

Watch our Quick Time Movie - Click Here 8 megs You will need the most currant version of Quicktime™.

Mechanical Details of the Pukka Mini-bike
Frame: Oversized tube, monoshock suspension
Handlebar and stem: BMX-style
Wheels: Split-rim, tubeless, high-speed precision bearings
Tires: Puncture-resistant, tubeless (allows for flat repair without removing wheels from bike)
Drive train: #25 series chain. Clutch-bearing, primary sprocket. Rapid chain tensioning system. (allows for chain removal or installation in seconds without tools)
Seat clamp: Quick-release, just like you would expect
Battery cover: Thick wall injection-molded, ABS plastic

Okay, the Pukka mini-bike is not indestructible. You can't back over it with your motor home. You can't toss it out the back of speeding pickup. But ruling out extreme abuse, the Pukka will take pretty much whatever comes. Consider the Pukka frame, for example: Oversized tubing. Flawless welds. All steel construction. Powder-coat finish. Beautiful! And then there’s the wheels: Split-rim construction. 8-bolt pattern. Tubeless design with built-in valve stem and precision cartridge bearings. We could go on and on, but you get the point: the Pukka is loaded with highly engineered, top-drawer components that are not only built tough, but which also look tough.

Electrical Details of the Pukka Minibike
Motor: 400 Watt, high-efficiency electric motor
Voltage: 24 volts for better acceleration
Battery: 20Ah, deep-cycle, rapid-discharge, SLA
Ignition: Keyed switch
System design: Modular—allows for easy troubleshooting and rapid replacement of warn-out parts
System control: Pulse Width Modulator (PWM), provides accurate acceleration sensitivity, and redundant shutdown protection against system overloads
Battery charger: 2 Amp (included)

The Pukka’s electrical system is the perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity. The heart of the system is the highly evolved PWM. From its double-sided PCB layout to its dual Schottky diodes and beefy, automotive-grade relay, the PWM is a genuine, best-in-its-class component. But for all the PWM’s sophistication, the Pukka’s modular electrical system is a paradigm of simplicity. In the rare event of a component malfunction, almost anyone can troubleshoot the problem and install a replacement part in minutes. The Pukka electric mini-bike's controller has a linear response, meaning half-throttle is half speed. This gives a feeling of control similar to a motorcycle. Other controllers are highly non-linear, making slow speed maneuvering nerve-wracking.

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No longer available from PowerStream, sorry. Electric minibike outperforms electric scooters
Extra batteries (not required), two needed


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