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January 23, 2023

12 volt 18 Amp, 216 Watt Regulated Switching Power Supply

12 volt 4 amp switchmode power supply 12 volt switchmode power supply with battery backup
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Replaces the Dell power supply Dell Y2515 shown at right

Since the Dell Y2515 is no longer available we have created this new power supply to take its place.

PST-AC12180 12 Volt AC/DC Power Supply Adapters
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Price $60
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Model : PST-12180 Name : 12V DC Switching Power Supply
Model Number PST-AC12180 Switching Power Supply
Input Voltage Range 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Peak Output Power 200 Watts, 220+ watts surge
Load Regulation ±3% over rated current
Output Voltage Nominal 12 VDC
Input Connector IEC C13, Class I input socket allows cords for any country to be used, the North American cord is included.
Dimensions 200.0*100.0*50.0 mm (7.75 inch x 2 inch x 3.75)
Agency approvals CE, ROHS
Weight 1.5 kilograms, 3.25 pounds without the AC cord
Compatible with Dell Y2515, Delta ADP-220AB B, Dell Optiplex SX280 power supply, Dell AC Adapter DA-2 Series, Dell P/N: 5Y002, Dell P/N: D3860

The connector fits the MOLEX ATX power motherboard-style socket in two places, the one outlined in red, and the position outlined in green, though the pin assignments don't match the ATX voltages.

The connector on the end of the wire cable is a MOLEX 4.2mm pitch MiniFit Jr. However, Dell used a special configuration for this which has the rows reversed from the standard 8 pin MiniFit Jr. It does work with the ATX power socket as shown.
plugset showing how this connector fits into a motherboard connector

Pin 2, 3, 4, +12 volts
Pin 6, 7, 8 ground

Pin 5 Remote, connect to ground to turn on the power


OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive switchmode 220 watt AC switching power supply AC/ DC converter.

OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive fully regulated power supply with IEC input and

OEM Power Supplies Efficiency >85%, depending on input voltage, and output power.

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