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April 25, 2024

12 Volt Power Supply Catalog

12 volt desktop power supply 5 volt output, 10 watt DC-DC converter power supplies
48 volt DC Input ATX style power supply, 24 volts input 48 volt battery back up UPS power supply
12 volt power supplies, DC to DC Converters, and ATX power supplies Cigar lighter socket with a 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector socket on a 3 inch cord
NEW: adapter to convert a 12 volt power supply to accept car cigar lighter devices
3 to 11 volt power supplies catalog here 12 to 13.8 volt power supplies this page
14 to 23 volt power supplies catalog here 24 volt power supplies catalog here
25 to 48 volt power supplies catalog here AC/AC power supplies in stock click here

We have assembled a group of 12V power supplies of various amperages and attributes. Ranging from multi-output, wall mount, desk mount, removable IEC cords, single insulated, double insulated for replacement or OEM use. Most of our power supplies are kept in stock for immediate shipment from our Utah warehouse. If you have questions please call one of our sales engineers who can help you or link you up with one of our design engineers.
AC/DC 0.32 Amps per channel, 4 channels 12 Volt four channel power supply for security video systems This power supply has four outputs to run up to 4 video cameras
4 output 12 Volt AC adapter, replaces 4 adapters  110V to 12V
AC/DC 500 mA 12 Volt 0.5A wall mount switchmode power supply This 12V 6 watt power supply is in a slimline wall mount package. Class II, double insulated 12 volt wall mount power supply switchmode
1 Amp
12 V 1000 mA power adapter 12 watt regulated switchmode power supply with universal input 12V 1A switchmode desktop power supply, 12 volt
AC/DC 1.2 Amps 12V 1.2 Amps linear power supply Linear, transformer based desktop low noise power supply, 1.2A, surplus Symbol 50-04000-070 Rev. A symbol transformer based linear power supply 12V PST-ACT1212
AC/DC 1.5Amps 12 volt 1.5 amp ROHS walll mount power supply High quality, inexpensive power wall mount power supply wall mount 12 volt energy star compliant ROHS power supply 1500 milliamps continuous
AC/DC 2Amps 12 volt 2 amp ROHS approved power supply A great energy-star rated double insulated 12V 2A power supply with removable AC cord and international certifications 110V-12V 12 volt energy start compliant ROHS power supply 2000 milliamps continuous output
AC/DC 2Amps 12 volt 2000 milliampere medically approved power supply Universal input switching power supply with UL60601 TUV, ROHS and Energy Star 12 volt medical power supply
AC/DC 2.5 Amps Switching 30 Watt, 12 VDC Power Supplies Wall-mount regulated 12VDC power at up to 2500 mA, with folding AC prongs
12 volt regulated switching power supply
AC/DC 3 Amps 12V 3A wall mount power supply 36 Watt wall mount power supply with 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel connector 12v 3 amp 36 watt switchmode power supply with wall mount case and folding plug
AC/DC 3 Amps 12 volt 3 amp switchmode power supply with female cigarette lighter socket Cigarette lighter socket allows you to power car accessories from AC. 12 volt 3000mA power supply with cigarette lighter female output
AC/DC 3 Amps EA1050F-120F power supply for LCD TVs 12 volt 3 amp power supply. Original equipment replacement for Magnavox and other LCD televisions EA1050F-120F 12 volt 3 amp power supply for magnavox televisions
AC/DC 4.0Amps 12 volt 4.0 Amp switchmode power supply This is a 50 watt power supply with universal AC input and 12 volts output. A 12 volt AC adapter.
12 Volt AC Adapter, 4.1 amps
AC/DC 5.0A 12V 5.0A Switching power supply 60 watt 5000mA 12V power supply 12V 5A power supply with 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel connector, 12 volts 5000mA
AC/DC 3 or 6 Amps 12 volt Battery Backup Single Output Power Supplies Universal switchmode power supply 35 or 70 watts. DIN mount with screw terminal input and output. Battery is charged automatically.
12 volt switchmode power supply with battery backup
AC/DC 6.6 Amps 12 Volt 6600mAH switchmode power supply Small 80 watt power supply cable of 6.6 Amps 12 volt 6.6amp switching power supply medically qualified and rated, 12V
AC/DC 7 Amps Adjustable AC/DC Converters output 12 to 21 volts output User adjustable 12 to 21 volt switchmode power supply, 90 watts

100 watt AC or DC input adapter
AC/DC 10.8 Amps 12 volt 10 Amp switchmode power supply This is a 120 watt power supply with universal AC input and 12 volts output.
12 Volt AC Adapter, 4.1 amps, AC to DC converter, 12V
AC/DC 12A DIN rail mount 12V 150W power supply with battery backup capability Switchmode power supply can be operated from AC or DC: 90 to 265 volts AC, 47 to 63 Hz, or 130 to 375VDC convenient DIN rail mount 12V 150W power supply with battery backup capability
AC/DC 12.5 Amps 12 V, 150 watt power supply for mini PCs Switchmode 150 watt power supply used with Dell mini's 150W 12V switchmode power supply, 12 Volts
AD/DC 12V 18A 12V 216W desktop power supply works with Dell Y2515 and others Isolated 12V power supply used in many of the older Dell Optiplex computers 12 volt 8 amp, 220 watt power suppy Y2515, ADP-220AB
AC/DC 15 to 100 amps 13.6V power supplies with very low noise. Highly regulated low noise power supplies developed for demonstrating car audio equipment in showrooms and trade shows 13.6 volt 90 amp power supply with low noise for audio demonstration purposes, 12 Volt nominal
AC/DC 20 to 100 amps Industrial heavy duty 12V power supplies with 3 year warranty Current limiting permits use as battery chargers.
NAFTA eligible
12 volt AC/DC power supply 1000 watts
Dual output AC/DC 5.5V 8.5A and 12V 3 A Power General model FLU2-65-1 dual output open frame power supply
5.5VDC at 8.5 Amps

12VDC at 3 amps
Part number FLU2-65-1
1-10 $25.00
11+ $20.00
12 volt and 5 volt dual output power supply
DC/DC 500 mA 12 Volt Car Charger for Ipod This allows you to charge your Ipod in your car. Ipod Car Charger
DC/DC 2000mA Low Current DC/DC Converters 12 V to 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, or 9 V These inexpensive 24 watt DC-DC converters are useful for automotive applications. 12 volts input for lower voltages, 14 volt or greater output for 12 volt output.
24 volt to 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, or 12 volt converters DCDC converters power supplies
DC/DC 5000 mA 24 to 12 Volt DC/DC Converters 100 watt to 800 watt buck DC/DC converters with 12 volt output 24 volt to 12 volt DC/DC converter
DC/DC 8 Amps Buck-Boost DC/DC Converters 10-15 volts to 13.8 volts These buck-boost converters use a special DC/DC converter topology to regulate and convert voltages with a wide input range
Buck-boost DC/DC converter 12volt to 12volt, 24 volt to 24 volt, and 24 to 19 volt
15 Amps
High Current DC/DC Converters 48 V to 13.8 V These 200 watt switchmode voltage DC to DC reducers are used to power 12 volt equipment on forklifts and other industrial equipment. Input range is 40 to 65 volts, which covers 48 volt equipment.
48 volt to 13.6 volt DCDC converter power supplies
13Volt 58.5 watt Desktop power supply 13 volt power adapter from EDAC 13 volt ac to dc converters and adapters
12V 1A
-12V 0.5A
5V 2A
Triple output power supply Triple output power supply with 5 pin DIN 180° DIN connector Triple output power supply, 12V, -12V, 5V with 5 pin DIN output connector
DC/DC 10Amps 6 Volt to 12 Volt DC/DC Boost Converters 6 volts in, 12 volts out, for running a radio or audio equipment in antique cars.
6 to 12 volt DC to DC converters postive ground to negative ground

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