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December 5, 2023

24V DC power supplies

3 to 11 volt power supplies 12 to 13.8 volt power supplies
14 to 23 volt power supplies 24 volt power supplies this page
25 to 48 volt power supplies AC/AC power supplies in stock
We have developed a series of 24 Volt switchmode power supply designs ranging from 1 watt to over 500 watts which we can incorporate into new power supplies. We also develop new circuits whenever needed to meet our customer's requirements. Wholesale power supplies and retail power supplies are available.
24V 500 mA 24 Volt 0.5A wall mount switchmode power supply This 12 watt power supply is in a slim line wall mount package 24 volt wall mount power supply switchmode
24V 1000mA 24VDC 1.0A wall mount power supply 24W wall-mount power supply with CEC, UL, FCC, CCC, C-Tick, PSE 24 volt wall mount power supply switchmode
24V 1500 mA 24V, 1.5 Amp 36 watt wall mount power supply This is an unusual power supply because it is higher power than most wall-mount power supplies 24v 1.5 amp switchmode power supply with wall mount case and folding plug
24V 2500mA 60 watt 24VDC power supply Desktop style switching power supply with 24 volts 2 amps 24 volt switching power supply AC/DC 2 amps 48 watts
24V 3.75-5A EA11013C(P01) 90 watt 24V power supply for TSC desktop printers 24 volts 90 watts EA11013C(P01) genuine EDAC power suppy for TSC  printers
EA11013C(P01) (EA11011M-52)
24V 5 Amp   EDAC power supply with various connectors 24V EDAC EA11203, EA11203A and EA11203B power supplies 120 Watt
24V 6.25Amp 150W power supply with 24V, 6250mA Desktop style EDAC power supply EA11603 24 volt 6.25A 150W switching power supply AC/DC
24V 36W and 72W 24V UPS Battery Backup Single Output Power Supplies Available in , 24 volts output . Universal switchmode AC power supply 35 to 70 watts. DIN mount with screw terminal input and output.
24 volt switchmode AC to DC power supply with battery backup back up
24V 150W 6A 24V 150W DIN rail power supply with battery backup capabilities Higher power 24V battery backup power supply 24V 6A 150 Watt DIN rail power supply with battery backup capability
12V, 15V, 16V, 18V, 19V, 20V, 21V, 22V or 24V 90 Watt 90 Watt Adjustable AC/DC Converters output 12 to 21 volts User adjustable 12 to 21 volt switchmode AC power supply, 90 watts includes 5 plug adapters and a European wall adapter
90 watt AC/DC laptop adapter with interchangeable connectors
24V or 27V or 28.8V 15A
High Power 24V (27.6V) power supplies with very low noise for audio and battery backup applications   27 volt 40 amp power supply with low noise for audio demonstration purposes
27.2V user adjustable 10A
Industrial heavy duty 24V power supplies with 3 year warranty Current limiting permits use as battery chargers.
NAFTA eligible
24 volt AC/DC power supply 1000 watts
    Custom Power Supplies This includes AC/DC supplies, DC/DC converters, wall mount supplies, and desktop supplies

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