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March 15, 2019

Cart mounted 12 channel 12V SLA Battery Charger

12 station battery charger for lead acid, SLA, and VRLA batteries Multichannel 10 bay charger with alligator clips 10 channel pelican case charger for 12V lead acid batteries
Military style suitcase charger for 10 lead acid batteries
6 station 12V wall mount lead acid battery charger
Wall mounted shop charger for 6 lead acid batteries

12V multibay wheeled battery charger for 12 batteries at a time

This charger was developed by Advanced Target, now ATA Defense Industries, for quickly charging multiple batteries in military target systems. It is a roll-around assembly with 6 inch wheels, and a convenient handle at 42 inches. The handle can easily be folded down or removed. It is useful for any lead acid battery, including flooded lead acid, spiral wound, or VRLA batteries. Each battery charging circuit is fully independent with its own smart controller, and status LEDs. The power supply has AC input 115 VAC or 230 VAC 50/60 cycle, switchable with a lockable toggle switch on the side. It is heavy gauge welded aluminum construction. The individual charger boards monitor fault conditions as well as monitor each 12V battery separately for state-of-charge and end-of-charge.

Can also be used to charge multiple car batteries, motorcycle batteries, and marine batteries. The list price for this rugged charger is $3250.

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Detailed Specifications BC-12/33-100
Max Charge Current 3.4 Amps, 12 channels
Input 115VAC or 230VAC switchable, 3 foot cable with a 3-prong adapter
Number of Batteries 1 to 12 simultaneously
Nominal Battery Voltage 12 Volts
Float charge voltage 13.8V
Battery Capacity 1 to 40+ Amp-Hours
Total Charging Power 580 Watts
Weight 80 lbs, 36 kg
Connectors Alligator clips on 9 foot cords. The charging cords are permanently attached to the charger.
Protections Reverse polarity, short circuit
LEDs Each battery charging station has two LEDs.
Green — Power
Red — Charging
When the alligator clips are shorted or reverse polarity the Green LED goes out on that channel to indicate a fault
Tray 18.5 x 10 inch tray in the front is used to store the cables can also be used to transport batteries
Isolation The configuration consits of 4 lots of 3 chargers each. Each batch of 3 have a common ground, but they are isolated from the other batches. Therefore, by chosing the right combinations you can charge six 24V batteries by connecting the cables in series. Getting the combinations wrong will not damage the charger, it will just express its concern by extingishing the corresponding green LEDs until the problem is corrected.
Warranty 1 year

Charge times for typical batteries
Battery Size Estimated Hours to full charge Note: the green "charged" light comes on when the charge current drops to 400mA. Then the charger goes into the "float" mode and continues to top up the battery. A smaller battery (3-12AH) may be as little as 80% charged when the light comes on, and may need 2-3 more hours to top up. Above 5 hours charge time this should not be a problem.

Information about safely charging sealed lead acid batteries at much higher charge rate than the manufacturer's data sheets would seem to allow.
  3.5A Charge rate
3AH <1 hour
7AH 2 hours
10AH 2.8 hours
12AH 3.5 hours
17AH 4.9 hours
22AH 6.3 hours
28AH 8 hours
33AH 9.5 hours
40AH 11 hours

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