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May 23, 2018

30 Watt Triple Output Fully Isolated DC/DC Converter brick at 1/2 price; 48VDC input and 5VDC and ±12VDC output

5V +12V, -12V DC half brick converterAV30-48T0512 triple output DC converter on a circuit board

AV30- triple output dc converter drawing
Pin Triple Output
1 Control (low off, high on (>10V on)
2 +Vin
3 -Vin
4 Trim
5 + 5 VDC out
6 - Common VDC out
7 + 12VDC out
8 - 12 VDC out
AV30-48TO512 $59.00
with circuit board and screw connector
as shown
Avansys AV30-48T0512 triple output DC to DC 30 watt converter.

Input: 36 to 72VDC.
Output: 5 at 5A and ± 12VDC 1A each
Triple output half-brick format
Potted construction uses state-of-the-art aluminum circuit board technology.
Input under-voltage lockout.
48VDC input.
1500V isolation.
Switching Frequency: 300 kHz
Remote: >10V "High" turns on
85mA P-P noise voltage
90 °C baseplate operation.
1.2 million hours MTBF.
Short circuit, reverse polarity (by shunt diode) and over-voltage protection
120 grams, 4.2 oz.
Part Number Input Output Max Current Max Power Form Factor  
AV30-48T0512 36-72 VDC 5V
±12 V
5 Amps
±1 Amp
30 Watts non-standard Brick PDF Data Sheet
Link to gerber files of a circuit board that fits this converter
PDF of pictures of the gerber files

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