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April 17, 2023

24 volt to 12 volt DC/DC Converters Application Notes

  10 Amp (back) and 15 Amp (front) 24 volt to 13.8 Volt DC/DC Converters  High power 24 volt to 12 volt DC/DC converters at low cost. DC/DC converter, 10A continuous
  PST-DC24/12-100 5 amp 24V to 13.8V converter   PST-DC24/12-150 10 amp 24V to 13.8V converter
24 volt to 12 volt DC/DC Converters
Catalog Page of more 24V to 12V DC-DC Converters

These are regulated switching power converters, designed to allow the use of 12 volt equipment in 24 volt vehicles. These are attractive, reliable, robust DC/DC converters good for fork lifts, off-road, construction and recreational equipment. Those that are listed as "forced air cooling" should be protected from water, spray, and dust that could be sucked into the power supply.
15 Amp Peak
DC to DC Converter
10 Amp Peak
DC to DC Converter
Quantity 1-10 $65.50
11-100 $49.25
101-500 $33.75
500+ $31.50
Quantity 1-10 $38.50
11-100 $33.75
101-500 $20.48
500+ $18.80

PST-D24/12-100 and -150 Application Notes

Explanation of Operation:

This DC/DC converter has two power supplies. The main one is a 10 amp, 13.8 volt output. The secondary one has a 12 volt, low current output. The purpose of the secondary circuit is to turn "remote turn-on" units that need 12 volts applied to a switch to turn on. Many applications don't need this output. The white 12V output will not turn on unless the main orange input is already on.

Input Leads:

The input has four leads. The black goes to chassis or battery ground. The red wire goes to battery positive (+24 volts). The white input wire is a control wire. To turn the unit on the white wire must be connected to +24 volts. This can be done by wiring it permanently, or it may be connected through a vehicle key switch. The orange wire is also a control wire. It can be attached to +24 permanently by hard wiring, or through a switch.

If the low current 12 volt output is not required, the orange input wire may be tied off or connected to the white wire input.

Output Leads

The main power leads are the white and black. White is the +13.8 volt output, black is the ground. If required the orange 12 volt output can be used as a remote turn-on switch supply. If not required, it should be tied off in a way that it won’t short to chassis.


Wheel chair accessories.

Often it is desirable to run 12 volt equipment on a 24 volt wheel chair. For example, a laptop computer, a car radio, or a seat pump. It is not wise to do this by simply connecting across one of the 12 volt batteries. This causes the batteries to be out of balance, and then during the charging process one of the batteries will be over charged while one will be under charged, limiting the life of the batteries. A good solution is to use a DC/DC converter to convert the 24 volts to 12 volts.

An automobile cigarette lighter socket, which is available at Radio Shack, makes a convenient 12 volt power point to wire the DC converter output to.

For a permanent installation, such as a seat floatation pump, the DC converter can be wired directly to the pump, bringing out the orange control wire to a switch if desired.


The DC converter has a mounting flange with four self-tapping screws included.

What size should I get?

To determine the amperage you would need add up the watts of all the equipment and divide by 13.8 volts. Samples and retail sales are available for those listed as "in stock." Minimum purchase quantities apply for the others.

These are also known as 24 volt voltage reducers, and voltage regulators.
DC-DC Converters 15 Amp Peak
DC to DC Converter
In Stock
10 Amp Peak
DC to DC Converter
In Stock
Part Number PST-D24/12-150 PST-D24/12-100
Input Voltage 18 to 28 VDC 18 to 28 VDC
Max Input current at No Load 100 mA 100 mA
Output Voltage 13.8 VDC 13.8 VDC
Output Adjustment ± 3V ± 3V
Max Output Current(s) 15 Amps 10 Amps
Max Output Power (10 minutes) 200 Watts 138 Watts
Max Output Power (3 hours) 160 Watts
(12 Amps)
95 Watts
(7 Amps)
Max Output Power (continuous) 140 Watts
(10 Amps)
70 Watts
(5 Amps)
Output current limit? No No
Output Plug Type  Flying leads Flying leads
Efficiency 85 % 85 %
Line Regulation ±70 mV ±70 mV
Load Regulation ± 1% ±1%
Switching frequency 25 kHz 25 kHz
Output ripple noise 100 mV rms 100 mV rms
Remote power on/off No No
Protection Over Voltage , Over Current , Short Circuit , Reverse Polarity , Over Load Over Voltage , Over Current , Short Circuit , Reverse Polarity , Over Load
Dimensions 115 x 150 x 43 40 x 115 x 43
Weight 600 gms 200 gms
Temperature 0 to 40°C, 25 degree rise above ambient at continuous full power
Additional Features Passive Cooling Passive Cooling
Retail Price (Call for Volume Pricing) PST-D24/12-150
1-10 $61.60
11-100 $46.46
101-500 $31.80
500+ $29.80
1-10 $36.47
11-100 $31.86
101-500 $20.48
500+ $18.80

Wiring diagram for the 100 and 150


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