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15 Watt DC to DC Converters

Click here for a larger view of the DC to DC Converter Module Drawing This is an "x-ray view" from the top, showing what the PC board pattern will look like
Pin Single Output Dual Output Triple output
1 + DC In +DC In +DC In
2 - DC In - DC In - DC In
3 + DC Out + DC Out + 5V Out
4 No pin No Pin Ground 1
5 No connection Common + DC Out
6 No pin No pin Common
7 - DC Out - DC Out - DC Out
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. Minimum order 10 pieces.
Quantity Samples 50-99 101-499 500+
Price $80.00 $54.00 $39.25 $36.00

PowerStream has a wide range of Fully Isolated DC to DC converter modules. These DC to DC converters regulate the output voltage over a range of DC input voltages.
DH Series DC to DC Converter DH-12 DH-24 DH-48  
Input Specifications        
Input Voltage 9-18 VDC 18-36 VDC 36-72 VDC  
Input Filter Pi type  
General Specifications    
Switching Frequency 160 kHz  
Temperature Range -25°C to +71°C  
Temperature Derating See curve below  
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C  
Isolation Voltage 1600 VDC  
Isolation Resistance 109 Ohms  
Cooling Method Free Air Convection  
Output Specifications        
Voltage Accuracy ±2 %  
Temperature Coefficient 0.02%/°C  
Ripple 0.2% + 50mV p-p maximum  
Noise 0.5% + 50 mV p-p maximum  
Short Circuit Protection Continuous  
Line Regulation ±0.5%  
Load Regulation ±1% over 10% to 100% of full load  
Mechanical Specifications    
Case Material Aluminum  
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 0.8 inches
50 x 50 x 20 mm
Weight 100 grams  

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