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300 Watt DC/AC True Sine Wave Inverter with extra high efficiency

Pure Sine Wave Inverters 300 watts
Military grade pure sine wave inverters click here

Custom design and manufacture of state-of-the-art battery chargers, UPS, and power supplies for OEMs in a hurry!

There are two types of inverters, modified sine wave and pure sine wave. The most common is "modified sine wave," which is a square wave with a pause as it passes through zero volts. This pause puts most of the power in the fundamental frequency of 60Hz, but does not eliminate all the higher harmonic frequencies which can cause buzzing in audio and entertainment systems, and can cause probems in some sensitive equipment.

In the modified sine wave inverter the power MOSFET switches are either all the way on or all the way off. This means that there is very little power dissipated in the MOSFETs. This enables the inverter designer to use much smaller transistors and heat sinks than the pure sine wave inverter, and makes the modified sine wave very cheap.

These inverters are pure sine wave inverters, which means that the output is a sine wave, which only contains the fundamental at 60 Hz. Therefore it doesn't radiate or transmit noise to other equipment and is kinder to the electronics that it is powering. It is a good, solid design, and a great price for a pure sine inverter.

In other words it is just like the clean power you have in your home or office.

Not available at this time, sorry.
PST-G12-300S 12V DC Input 24V DC Input
Output power 300W continuous 300W continuous
1000W for surge output 1000W for surge output
Input voltage DC 10V~15V DC 20V~30V
Output voltage AC 120V or AC 240V AC 120V or AC 240V
Output voltage regulation ±6% max. ±6% max.
Output wave form True sine wave True sine wave
Output frequency 60Hz ± 1% or
50 Hz ±1%
60Hz ± 1% or
50 Hz ±1%
Battery low alarm 10.5V ± 0.5V 21V ± 1V
Battery low shutdown 10V ± 0.5V 20V ± 1V
Stand by powert <20 Watts <20Watts
Distortion 4% maximum 4% maximum
Efficiency 90% at full power
95% at 1/3 power
90% at full power
95% at 1/3 power
Thermal protection 60 ± 10°C (140±18°F) 60 ± 10°C (140±18°F)
Cooling By fan By fan
Protection Output short
Battery low alarm
Battery low shutdown
Battery polarity reverse (by fuse)
Over load
Over temperature
Fuse 35 amp fuses, spade-style automotive fuse 35 amp fuses, spade-style automotive fuse
AC output outlets Two AC outlets, universal socket* Two AC outlets, universal socket*
Dimensions (L X W X H) 225mm x 240mm x 80 mm (8.8 x 9.4 x 3.1 inches ) 225mm x 240mm x 80 mm (8.8 x 9.4 x 3.1 inches )
Weight 2.8 Kgs / 6.2 lbs.(approx.) 2.8 Kgs / 6.2 lbs.(approx.)

*For convenience of our customers the output receptical is a universal-style socket which can be used with AC plugs from the USA, Europe, UK, Europe, Australia, etc.
Installation notes: To draw 300 watts from the inverter you will need to supply about 27 amps at 12 volts of battery power for the input. Plan for large wires. For wire sizing information click here. For 1000 watts of peak power you will need 92 amps of 12 volt battery power. For the 24 volt models divide these currents by two.

FEATURES: * Primary / Secondary Isolation * Soft Start Operation * Output Short Circuit Shutdown Protection * Input Polarity Reverse Protection * Battery High / Low Voltage Protection SPECIFICATIONS: 120VAC 60 HZ (OR 220VAC 50 HZ) OUTPUTS: * 12V DC pr 24V DC Power Input * 120VAC 60 Hz (or 220VAC 50 Hz) Output * True (Pure) Sine Wave * 300W Continuous / 1000W Peak Output *


OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive true sine wave inverter with relatively light weight for power supplied.

OEM Battery Chargers Protects battery from overdischarge damage.

OEM Power Supplies Alarm sounds some time before it cuts out due to low battery. How long this is depends on your battery capacity.

Universal Power Input OEM Power Supplies and OEM Battery Chargers Low cost.

Note: these inverters are off-the-shelf for retail and wholesale orders. OEM quantities are available on a custom order basis

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