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April 17, 2023

50 Watt IP66 inverter with 24VAC output, -25°C to +55°C operation in severe environments

24VAC inverters, DC converters, battery backups
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Unique IP rated24 volt AC inverter rated at 50VA for use with CCTV and Solar installations. Also suitable for 24VAC irrigation systems, and other low voltage applications. Converts 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, or 125VDC to 24 volts AC.
Allow 6-8 Weeks for manufacturing Quantity 1-5 Quantity 6+  
PIVS50-12/24-D1-60Hz 12V input, 50VA, 60Hz $919 $853 add_to_cart.gif
PIVS50-12/24-D1-50Hz 12V input, 50VA 50Hz $919 $853 add_to_cart.gif
PIVS50-24/24-D1-60Hz 24V input, 50VA 60Hz $919 $853 add_to_cart.gif
PIVS50-24/24-D1-50Hz 24V input, 50VA 50Hz $919 $853 add_to_cart.gif
PIVS50-36/24-D1-60Hz 36V input, 50VA, 60Hz $919 $853 add_to_cart.gif
PIVS50-36/24-D1-50Hz 36V input, 50VA, 50Hz $919 $853 add_to_cart.gif
PIVS50-48/24-D1-60Hz 48V input, 50VA, 60Hz $919 $853 add_to_cart.gif
PIVS50-48/24-D1-50Hz 48V input, 50VA, 50Hz $919 $853 add_to_cart.gif
PIVS50-125/24-D1-60Hz 125VDC input, 50VA 60Hz $919 $853 add_to_cart.gif
PIVS50-125/24-D1-50Hz 125VDC input, 50VA 50Hz $919 $853 add_to_cart.gif

PIVS50 series Function: DC/AC Inverter with 24VAC output
Country of origin Canada, NAFTA qualified
Output power 50VA continuous (40 Watts into a resistive load) (24VAC 2.1 Amps nominal)
Output current 2.1 Amps continuous
Input voltage 12V ±15% (minimum startup voltage 10.5V)
24V ±15%
36V ±15%
48VDC ±15%
125VDC ±15% Depending on model
Output voltage AC 24VAC
Output voltage regulation ± 3% line and load regulation from no-load to full-load
Output wave form Pure sine wave
Output frequency 60Hz or 50Hz
Temperature drift < 0.03% per °C
Harmonic distortion Less than 6% THD at full load
Load crest factor 2 at 90% load
Output noise 200mVrms with a 20MHz bandwidth
Efficiency 80% typical at full load, depends on input voltage
Operating temperature -25°C to +55°C extended temperatures available
Cooling Convection cooling, no fan
EMI EN55022 Class A with margins, conducted and radiated
Protections Output short
Current limiting
Polarity reverse
Output overvoltage protection at 30VAC
Inrush current limiting
Internal safety fuse
Under voltage input
Under voltage protection Unit will not be damaged if the input voltage is too low
Electrical connections Internal barrier block terminal accessable through sealed cable glands.
Cooling Through base to customer's chassis or heat sink, and natural convection to the IP66 enclosure
AC output Screw Terminals
Isolation Floating output. DC input is galvanically isolated from the AC output, greater than 700V to the chassis, greater than 1000 volts input-to-output
Environmental protection IP66 enclosure, conformal coated and ruggedized circuits
Shock and vibration IEC 61373 Cat 1 A&B
Humidity 5-100% including condensing
MTBF 140,000 hours at 45°C
Indicators No indicators
ROHS Fully ROHS compliant
Dimensions 220 x 120 x 80 mm
8.7" x 4.7" x 3.1"
Weight 2.4 kg, 5.3 lbs
Standards Designed to meet C22.2 No. 107.1-01, UL458 and EN60950-1 but not agency tested
More options Please ask if you need different input voltages, output voltage, output power, surge protection, connectorization, or form factor.
Warranty 2 years subject to application within good engineering practice
Drawing Case drawing


OEM Battery Chargers Outdoor use DC/AC power inverter light weight and small size will boost 12vdc to 24vac.

OEM Battery Chargers Makes 24 VAC equipment usable in 12 VDC outdoor installations. DC to AC inverter can work with solar or battery back-up systems.

OEM Power Supplies Useful in oil field solar powered security systems. Also useful for irrigation system controllers.

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