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August 13, 2021

100 Watt 24VDC to 24VAC Modified Sine Wave DC/AC Inverter for CCTV

24VAC inverters, DC converters, battery backups
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24 volt to 24 VAC inverter, 100 watts
New 24 volt AC modified sine wave inverter rated at 100 watts for use in vehicles, and Solar installations. Suitable for 24VAC irrigation systems, vehicles, boats, floats, even 24VAC doorbells. Inverts 24VDC to 24VAC.
40 Watt 24VDC to 24VAC inverters . and 40 watt 48VDC to 24VAC inverters are also available

DAC-2424-100M-60Hz 100 watt inverter, 24VDC in, 24VAC out $130
DAC-2424-100M-50Hz 50 Hz version of the 100 watt 12 volt DC to 24 volt AC inverter $130

Model DAC-2424-100M
DC Input Voltage 20V-30V
AC Output Voltage 24VAC @ 60Hz or 50Hz
AC Output Waveform Modified Sine
AC Output Power 100W Resistive Load (Continuous)
Maximum AC output 120W
Line Regulation 3%
Load Regulation 5%
Efficiency >80%
Protections Input Low Voltage (-5% of minimum input voltage)
Input High Voltage (+5% of maximum input voltage)
Input Polarity
Output Current Limited
Output Short Circuit
Over Temperature
*All protections are auto resume
Connections 4-Pole Terminal Blocks (DC input & AC output)
Indicators Power (Red) and Output (Green) LEDs
Operating Temperature 5°C-55°C
Forced Air Cooling
Housing Aluminium Extrusion
Environment Indoor, or protected from rain and mist, non condensing
Dimensions 163(L) x120(W) x 68(H) in mm
Weight 1.15Kg, 2.5 lbs
User's manual User's manual

drawing of the DAC-2424 24VAC inverter


OEM Battery Chargers Inexpensive DC/AC power inverter light weight and small size will invert 24VDC to 24VAC.

OEM Battery Chargers Makes 24 VAC equipment usable in 24 VDC solar installations. DC to AC inverter can work with solar or battery back-up systems.

OEM Power Supplies Useful for solar powered security systems. Also useful for irrigation system controllers.

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