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June 3, 2024

12 Volt 3.3A precision SLA battery charger and battery maintainer for BMW motorcycles with universal AC input, rejuvenation function and state-of-charge indicator

12V 40Watt lead acid battery charger with auto-detecting desulfating function and efficient switchmode technology and state-of-charge display
Battery tender/charger with alligator clip ouput 3.3A

lead acid 12V battery tender charger with universal AC input, 12 volt
Tiny precision battery tender/charger with alligator clip output 750mA
BMW motorcycle battery maintainer lead acid battery chargers 12 volts with desufation function

12V 3300 mA multi-stage recharger and maintainer for all BMW motorcycles with PowerLet socket. Includes an auto-sensing desulfating feature.

These are state-of-the-art battery chargers that can be used on-demand, or left permanently on the bike for maintenance and sulfation prevention. It uses energy-saving techniques and and and advanced pulsed charging algorithm to allow better control of gas recycling and plate corrosion. This desulfating charger can rejuvenate batteries that have been left uncharged for extended periods of time. The charger is fully isolated from the mains, has universal AC input, and a removable AC cord. Works fine on traditional flooded batteries, and also with sealed lead acid batteries that many of us have switched to. Charge lead acid, SLA, sealed lead acid, Gel, AGM and VRLA batteries.

Finally a modern, precision charger that can be left on the motorcycle all year without damaging the battery

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barrel connector Includes USA AC power cord
For maintaining batteries in BMW motorcycles $48.95
$44.50 $40.50

General Information
Model PST-G60-A12-BMW
Function 12 Volt battery charger for lead acid, sealed lead acid, etc.
Type Battery Pack Charger with Powerlet connector for BMW motorcycles. Can be left on the battery without causing damage, for battery maintainer applications.
ROHS ROHS compliant
Technical Information
Rated input voltage 90-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Battery type 12V nominal SLA, VRLA, Gel, AGM, or flooded battery
Input Frequency 50-60 Hz
Battery voltage 12 volts nominal
Battery size 0.7 AH to 20+ AH
Charging current 3.5 amps or 3500mA maximum
Charger type Lead Acid Chemistry, SLA, VRLA, Gel, sealed lead acid types and flooded lead acid types, motorcycle and car batteries
Charging algorithm
This is the "European" charge algorithm that does not float charge the battery at the last stage, but still keeps it maintained. (see the graph below)
Constant current/constant voltage/float
Stage 1 desulfation. A 200mA constant current source is applied to the battery. When the battery accepts the 200mA at a voltage less than 13.9 volts the charger moves to "bulk charge." This could happen within seconds if the battery is not sulfated.
Stage 2 bulk charge stage. 3.5 amps is applied to the battery until the voltage rises to 14.4 volts.
Stage 4 pulsing charge. The current is switched between 300mA and 3000 mA. If, during the 300mA part of the cycle the battery drops below 13.3 volts a new pulse is started. If the voltage stays above 13.3V for more than 30 minutes (verification stage) the charge is terminated.
Stage 5. The voltage is measured and then the voltage falls below 12.7 volts the charger returns to stage 2.
Style Desktop
Output power 52W maximum
Output voltage 14.4 volts maximum during charge, 16.8V maximum during desulfation. Due to UL labeling requirements the label says 16.8V, which is the maximum voltage output possible.
Output options included BMW/Euro style accessory plug, also known as the Hella or the Merit plug
Weight 275 grams, 0.275 kg, 0.6 pounds, 9.7 oz
Cooling Natural convection, no fan
Efficiency >80%
Size 120 x 67 x 41 mm, 4.7 x 2.6 x 1.6 inches
Environment -20°C to +50°C operating, -40°C to +70°C storage
Isolation Double insulated, grounding not required per UL
Input connector 2 prong IEC C7 removable cord, USA cord provided unless otherwise requested.
Output cable 18AWG zip cord or coaxial cord, about 5 feet long with genuine Powerlet connector
Vibration, Impact 5mm, 50Hz, 600 Seconds, 1 meter drop 3 times
Protections Over Voltage Protection, Output current protection, reverse polarity protection (auto-clearing), short circuit protection (auto-clearing)
Safety CE marked, designed to EN60950, GB4946, UL1950, certified and marked cUL
MTBF 30,000 hours by MIL-STD calculation
HiPot, ESD Hi-Pot 3000 V, 1 minute, ESD 8000V
LED Indications Power on, but no battery connected Power LED Green
Desulfating The first green light comes on and stays on until the bulk charge cycle starts
Charging Charging lights lit to show the state of charge
Charged/Float Charging 100% light is on
Reverse polarity Warning light flashes
Sleep mode. When the battery is fully charged, or when the charger is connected to a fully charged battery the charger can sometimes go into sleep mode. Dim green light flashing

"European" charge algorithm uses desulfation, bulk charge and pulse charge phases

How to desulfate a battery

The desulfation or rejuvenation algorithm works by detecting that the battery charge current is low even when the charge voltage is high. This can mimic a fully charged battery, so additional information is needed. This is done by increasing the voltage up to 18 volts with a small current limit. If the battery reaches that current limit without much additional voltage the charger signals that the battery is fully charged. If, however, the current limit isn't reached by 17 or 18 volts the charger signals that the battery is sulfated and automatically goes into the desulfation charge as is shown in the above diagram. When the desulfation is complete the charger switches into the bulk charge mode. We have found this very effective in rejuvenating sulfated batteries, but if the battery has lost a lot of water the battery will not have much capacity left.


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