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February 8, 2017  

DC Input mini-ITX Style Power Supplies

DC Input mini-ITX style power supply, 12 volts input
Note : current production device has cables for output A 10 inch (24 cm) cable terminating in one 20-pin motherboard connector and two 4-pin hard disk power connectors as shown. Direct mount available upon quantity request.

DC Input mini-ITX Style power supplies

NEW!! Wide voltage range input version 10.8-20 VDC, suitable for car PC and automotive computer applications!

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Custom design and manufacture of state-of-the-art battery chargers, UPS, and power supplies for OEMs in a hurry!

These are miniature power supplies with 12 volt DC input. They are useful for applications where battery or solar power is available, such as car computers, and homemade MPX players. These are regulated switching power converters.

Note that the PST-ITX-4 mini-itx version does have a regulated +12 volt output.
Quantity Price PST-ITX-4 power board. 20 pin ATX adapter cable.   12 volt 4.1 amp switching power supply
120 VAC adapter (120 watts peak), 12 volts , 6.6 amps output
12 volt 4.1 amp switching power supply
12 volt, 18 Amp desktop AC adapter, 216 Watt Adapter
1-99 $39
  12 Volt 6600mAH (80 Watt) switchmode power supply 12 V 18amp 220 watt power supply for mini PCs
100+ Not available call      
Click here to read the PW-200-M manual PST-ITX-4

Note : current production device is direct plug-in, but cables are available if direct-plug-in to the mother board is not desirable. Board includes the 4 pin 12 volt P4 motherboard connector (not shown here).

Dimensions (mm) 61 mm x 57 mm x 30 mm
2.4 x 2.25 x 1.2 inches
Mounting No mounting holes provided
Input Voltage Required (V) 11.4 to 12.6V (Note: if +12 volt output isn't used the input range is 7 to 22 volts)
  5.5 x 2.5 mm Barrel
Maximum Output (W) Max 205 Watts
Output Voltage Volts +5Vsb +3.3V +5V +12V -12V
Current Amps 2A
10A Peak
10A Peak
10A Peak
13.5A Peak
0.2A Peak
Minimum Current  
Power Output  
  For Pinout Diagram Click Here
Cables Direct plug-in as shown, adapter cable available below. 4 pin ATX12 connector included
These mini-itx power supplies are now IN STOCK. Order online or for special orders please call 801-764-9060, 9062, 9063, or 9064 or e-mail us at the address below.


OEM Battery Chargers DC input mini-ITX power supply.

OEM Battery Chargers High efficiency car PC power supply.

OEM Power Supplies Excellent line and load regulation.

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