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December 16, 2019

UTC2412-7H trailer controller, 24V or 12V vehicle, 12V trailer

trailer controller, 12V 24V  7-pin-sae-560 trailer connector
7 Pin SAE 560 12V
12 prong NATO male MS 75021-1
6 foot cable with ring terminals
Output 4 foot cable with ring terminals for a 12V trailer
12 volt and 24 volt trailer converters, military, European, USA
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  Input Connectors Output Connector
Model Price
UTC2412-7H Trailer Electrical Interface 24V vehicles, 12V trailer $959
The UTC2412-7H is a trailer controller and electrical converter designed to be part of a trailer built to North American commercial 7 pin standards. The UTC 2412-7H enables its host trailer to be easily coupled to either a NATO 24V or North American 12V vehicle. The UTC 2412-7H has six independent circuits capable of supplying a total power of 800 Watts at 12 Volts. This power application to the trailer ABS system and its various lighting circuits is achieved through hard wiring. UTC 2412-7H is compact and lightweight at only 15 pounds. UTC 2412-7H has a flat profile making mounting practical to the front face of the trailer.

Trailer Voltage Converter Interface Design Features

  • Wide Range Input Voltage Ranges, 21-30V or 10.5-17V
  • High Efficiency Design
  • Hi Ingress Rating, IP676
  • Low Voltage cutout
  • High Voltage cutout
  • Electronically Current Limited
  • Thermally Protected
  • Low No-Load Power Consumption
  • Aluminum Anodized Housing
  • 6-point mounting
  • SAE 560 Input Connection
  • SAE 560 Output Connection
input/output table for UTC2412-7H trailer controller
10.5-17 VDC, depending on which connector is used
INPUT CURRENT 10A maximum per circuit for 24V input
20A maximum per circuit for 12V input
OUTPUT VOLTAGE 13.6 ± 0.3 V per circuit
OUTPUT CURRENT  15A per line (Brown Black, Red, Blue
10A per line (Yellow, Green)
OUTPUT REGULATION 0.2V over entire input voltage and load current range

-40C to +60C
-60C to +125C
EFFICIENCY 92% Typical
WEIGHT 14 lbs./ 6.5 kg. total
(cable included)

drawing of the UDC2412-BD trailer interface controller

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