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March 9, 2021

UTC2412GD trailer controller and voltage converter, 24V NATO vehicle, 12V RV trailer

trailer controller, 12V 24V 6 foot cable with ring terminals
11 Foot wires with ring terminals 24V
6 foot cable with ring terminals
11 Foot wires with ring terminals 24V
12 volt and 24 volt trailer converters, military, European, USA
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  Input Connector Output Connector
Model Price
UTC2412GD Trailer Electrical Interface 24V vehicles, 12V trailer $1176
UTC 2412GD is an electrical interface that accepts a 24 Volt seven wire input and converts it into a corresponding 12 Volt 7 wire output. UTC 2412GD is an OEM component intended for installation and hard wiring into a trailer. It provides 6 independent circuits capable of supplying a total power of 800 Watts at 12 Volts. UTC 2412GD is compact and lightweight at only 15 pounds excluding the weight of its integral input and output cables. It has a flat profile allowing mounting to be practical in various sections of a trailer.

Trailer Voltage Converter Interface Design Features

  • Wide Range Input Voltage Ranges, 21-30V
  • High Efficiency Design
  • Hi Ingress Rating, IP676
  • Low Voltage cutout
  • High Voltage cutout
  • Electronically Current Limited
  • Thermally Protected
  • Low No-Load Power Consumption
  • Aluminum Anodized Housing
  • 6-point mounting
  • Cable input connection
  • Cable output connection
input/output table for UTC2412GD trailer controller

-40C to +60C
-60C to +125C
EFFICIENCY 92% Typical
Weather resistant Ingress protection to IP676 level, (up to 1 meter immersion in water)
WEIGHT 14 lbs./ 6.5 kg. total
(cable included)
INPUT CURRENT 10A maximum per circuit for 24V input
OUTPUT VOLTAGE 13.6 ± 0.3 V per circuit
OUTPUT CURRENT  15A per line (Brown Black, Red, Blue
10A per line (Yellow, Green)
OUTPUT REGULATION 0.2V over entire input voltage and load current range

drawing of the UDC2412-BD trailer interface controller

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