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April 18, 2023

Genuine Sealed Lead Acid Batteries from B&B Battery Specifically designed for Mobility (Wheel Chairs, Scooters and Bicycles)

EB50-12 sealed lead acid battery photo EB12-12 sealed lead acid battery photograph NEW: These new batteries are specifically designed for mobility. During the introduction period they are on sale for less than the price of a general purpose "BP" battery of the same dimensions
Click here for the BB-Battery Sealed
Lead Acid Battery Technical Manual in PDF format
These are especially designed for the high amperage, shock and vibration, deep discharge and long cycle life of mobility applications.
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Modern engineering and materials science adavances are used to make this sealed lead acid battery specifically optimised for mobility applications. Special lead alloys are used to minimize corrosion. Special curing is used to prevent premature capacity loss and prolong cyclic life under vibration conditions. New electrolyte advances give low self-discharge rate. High pressure assembly gives high reliability under harsh condtions. Unique formula for negative paste provides very low internal resistance so high currents needed for acceleration an hills don't drag down the voltage. High utilization of active material makes a battery that is suitable for high rate discharge.
EB SERIES for Mobility
Wheel Chair, Scooter, Bicycle
Voltage & Capacity Length Inches Width Height Height including terminals Fits the same space as the . . . Terminal Type Weight of Single Battery Pounds Qty. 1-9 Qty. 10+ Data Sheet Special
EB12-12-T2 12V 10Ah 151 mm
5.94 inch
98 mm
3.86 inch
94 mm
3.70 inch
98 mm
3.86 inch
This has the same dimensions as the BP7-12 7Ah battery the T2 terminal is a slide on, or faston, or spade terminal with 1/4 inch or 6.35mm width 4.3 kg
9.48 lbs
$50.39 each
EB12-12 Normally In Stock BB Battery
EB20-12-B1 12V 20Ah 181 mm
7.13 inch
76 mm
2.99 inch
166 mm
6.54 inch
166 mm
6.54 inch
This is the same dimensions as the BP17-12 17 Ah battery 6.45 kg
14.22 lbs

$68.51 each
$62.34 each EB20-12 Normally In Stock BB Battery
EB20-12-I1 same same same same same   same $68.51
 $62.34 each  EB20-12    
EB50-12 12V 50Ah 197 mm
7.76 inch
165 mm
6.50 inch
171 mm
6.73 inch
171 mm
6.73 inch
This is the same dimensions as the EVP44-12 44 AH battery 16.5 kg
36.38 lbs
$165.56 each
$150.65 each EB50-12 Normally In Stock BB Battery
EB12-12 has 2.3Hrs discharged with 5A current
EB50-12 has 2.2Hrs discharged with 20A current
The 2-hour capacity is beyond the National Standard's requirement.
The tested capacity of 2C2 at 25 C(77 F) has 90% of Nominal Capacity.

High discharge rates Over 500 cycles at 70% depth of discharge Over 300 cycles at 100% depth of discharge

Over one-year service life when used for E- motorcycle and E- bike Long service life. Safe and reliable No leakage under normal service Good recovery after deep discharge High durability of abusive overcharge, even charged for 48Hr with 0.1C2 A
Electric Motorcycle Electric Bicycle Golf Car Lawn Mower Scooter

Ambient temperature for charge: 0~40 C(32 F~104 F)
Ambient temperature for discharge: -20~50 C(-4~122 F)
Ambient temperature for storage: -20~40 C(-4~104 F)

Maximum discharge current :15C20A( 5 seconds)
Maximum charge current: 0.3C20A
The lowest final voltage under discharge: 1.60V/cell

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