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Custom Battery Chargers

Lead Acid

Sealed Lead Acid

Spiral Lead Acid

Nickel Cadmium

Nickel Metal Hydride

Lithium Ion

Nickel Zinc

Examples of custom battery chargers developed by PowerStream

U.P.S. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Technology
Intellegent Quickcharger Technology 
Intelligent Quickcharger Technology
High Efficiency with Universal Input High Efficiency Battery Charger with Universal Input
Intelligent Battery Packs 
Battery Pack Intelligent Module Technology
Custom DC/DC Converter Inexpensive wall mount Nickel Metal Hydride Charger
Universal Desktop Power Supply Inexpensive Ferroresonant Lead Acid Charger
Highway Warning Sign Controller Spiraled Lead Acid Charger
Cigarette lighter to laptop DC/DC converter Auto-to-laptop DC/DC Converter
Low Cost DC/DC Converter 16 Station Multiunit Battery Charger
20 Channel Lithium Ion Battery Charger Lithium-Ion Battery Charger
20 Channel Lithium Ion Battery Charger 20 Bay Lithium-Ion Battery Charger
500 Volt Lead Acid Charger 500 Volt Lead Acid Battery Charger

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