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April 17, 2023

24 volt DC UPS controller for use in vehicles with 12A pass through -40°C Option

24 volt DC UPS module keeps 24 volt equipment alive in vehicles and airplanes using an external sealed lead acid battery. UPS for automobiles and cars
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24 volt battery charger and UPS for  vehicles, heavy equipment,,  busses UPS for automobiles and cars
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This page shows the pricing for the -40°C option. To see the full data sheet for the 24V DC UPS controller please refer to the standard option web page.

12 volt 10 amp car UPS module
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Model Price for quantity 1-49 Price for quantity 50-99 Quantity 100-499 Quantity 500+
PST-DCUPS-12A-N26.2-P20-40C $135
Call Call Call
PST-DCUPS-12A-N23.6-P20-40C $135
Call Call Call
(xx is your choice between 30 and 18 volts
yy is your choice between 26 and 18 volts) Delivery time for samples of the custom voltages can take up to two weeks.
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DIN Rail mounting kit (see below) $6.00
$4.20 $3.80 $2.95
In-line fuse kit, consists of 2 in-line automotive spade fuse holders for the battery+ and load+ lines. Includes 10 amp fuses.
in-line fuse, click for larger image
$18.30 $15.90 $14.25

This uninterruptible power supply control module is specifically designed to withstand the harsh electrical and temperature requirements of automotive equipment including spike, dropouts, load dumps, jump-starting, and high or low temperatures.
The PST-DC-UPS-2424-10A can be ordered with a range of "N" and "P" values, as explained in the following table.
Suffixes* Voltage at which vehicle battery is cut of from the load Voltage at which auxiliary battery is cut off from the load Why?
N26.2 (most common choice) 26.2 ±0.2 volts   Load is disconnected from the vehicle electrical bus when the ignition is switched off
N25.8 25.8 ±0.2 volts    
N25.4 25.4 ±0.2 volts    
N24.0 24.0 ±0.2 volts    
N23.8 23.8 +0.1 -0 volts   Allows the load to be powered by the vehicle battery most of the time but still start the vehicle (barely).
N?? Tell us what you need, the range is between 30 volts and 18 volts. The tolerance is ±0.2 volts    
P20 (most common choice)   20 volts When deep cycling of the auxiliary battery is desired.
P18   18 volts When longest possible system operation is desired regardless of loss of auxiliary battery cycle life.
P??   Tell us what you need, the range is between 26 volts and 18 volts  
Tolerance Tolerance for N values is ±2.5% Tolerance for P values is ±2.5%  
The available custom set points are Main On, Main Off, Charger On, Charger Off, Aux On, Aux Off This document describes how to engineer and specify the 6 custom set points if desired
Users Manual Click here for the User's and Installation Manual    
**(For example PST-DCUPS-12A-N26.2-P20 would be a module which disconnects from the vehicle battery when the vehicle voltage falls lower than 26.2 volts and turns the auxiliary battery off when it falls to 20 volts)

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