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December 1, 2023

 12 Volt Charge Controller for Alternative Energy

Solar Battery Chargers and PV System Controllers

high volt photovoltaic charge controller
High voltage (up to 200V input) solar charge controller 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V batteries, up to 10kW
48 volt solar charge controller for wifi installations
  48V 20 Watt Volt Solar Charge Controller for WiFi Installations
SBC-7112 $86
Minimum order quantity 20 pieces, lead time 4 months
SBC-6112 No longer available, sorry.
One of the problems with solar power is that the output of the solar panel is variable. These solar charge controllers are designed to extract the maximum amount of power available from the solar panels and deposit it in the battery. Solar PV charge controllers take the uncertain voltage from a solar panel and condition it to safely charge lead acid batteries. These solar PV charge controllers energy harvesting, and a three-stage charging method, bulk, absorption, and float (maintenance) charge, but due to the nature of solar panels these are different in nature than a typical AC driven charger. They pulse charge the battery. During the pulse the solar panel is virtually short-circuited to extract the maximum power from the panel and also to allow the panel to work more efficiently. These solar charge controllers also protect your panels from discharging through the batteries after the sun goes down. Solar charge controllers are necessary to protect your PV battery investment.

The SBC-6112 is the less expensive version of the solar PV charge controllers. It regulates the power from the solar panels and controls the charge of the batteries. It also cuts out the batteries from the load when the lead acid batteries are depleted to prevent damage to the battery. It has an LED bar readout to show the status of the solar charging system and batteries. The manual for the SBC-6112 solar PV charge controller can be read by clicking on the link below.

The SBC-7112 solar PV charge controller has the same functionality as the SBC6112, and also has several new features. It has a liquid crystal (LCD) display, which gives allows the user to display system information, such as the battery voltage, PV panel voltage, input current, total amp-hours during the day, and total amp hours for one or two days previous. It also allows the fill and float charging voltages for the battery charger to be changed by a series of dip-switch settings. The manual for the SBC-7112 solar PV charge regulator can also be read by clicking on the link below.

Both solar PV charge controllers have the capability of temperature compensation of the battery charging algorithm with a thermistor that can be put on the battery.

These solar charge controllers also have system functions, for example dusk detection which can be used to turn on the load connected to the DC output at dusk, and turn off the load to prevent the batteries from being over-dischsarged. They have very low quiescent current draw, which means that when the solar panels are not producing enough power to charge, and when the battery current is not called for, the system can sleep without draining the batteries.
  • Microcontroller based pulsed charging system and three-stage solar charging algorithm.
  • Bulk, Absorption & Float Charge LED indications.
  • 5 State LED Indications of battery levels.
  • Electronic Overcharge Protection & back current blocking to PV panel.
  • Over temperature Protection of PV Charge Controller's electronic circuit.
  • Automatic dusk detect & On-Off operation at DC output.
  • 25% 5 minute overload capability on charge
  • 60% 5 minute overload on discharge
  • Low voltage battery disconnect and reconnect at DC output.
  • Temperature compensation option built in.
  • Over-discharge protection at DC output.

Read the Complete Solar Photovoltaic Control Charger SBC-6112 Manual, Click Here
Read the Complete Solar Photovoltaic Control Charger SBC-7112 Manual, Click Here
Lead Acid Battery Voltage
12 VDC
Maximum Solar PV panel open circuit voltage
26 VDC
Continuous charge/load current
12 A
Maximum solar charge current (5 mins.)
15 A
Maximum load current (5 mins.)
20 A
Standby quiescent current (no load or PV)
30 mA
Voltage across terminals (PV to Battery)
0.6 V
Voltage across terminals (Battery to Load)
0.3 V
Electronic Blocking of solar panel from battery
Battery Reverse Polarity Protection
Overcharge & Over-discharge Protection
Battery status LED indication
5 - State LED indications
PV Charging status LED indication
Liquid Crystal Alphanumeric Display
Recommended Wire Size
#12AWG to #10AWG depending on distance from solar panel and batteries to charge controller. Click on link for a wire size calculator
Regulator/controller Weight
0.47 kg
150(W) x 85(D) x 45(H) mm
6(W) x 3 3/8 (D) x 1 3/4 (H) inches
20 A
Operating Ambient Temperature for charge controller
-10 to 50 °C

-14 to 122 °F
Over Temperature Protection
Battery charging float voltage setting
Adjustable from 12.0 - 15.0 V
Battery charging bulk voltage setting
Adjustable from 12.0 - 16.0 V

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