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April 21, 2023

Battery Technical Resources for Design Engineers

Engineering Battery Resources

Technical Summary of Battery Chemistries
Comparing Battery Chemistries of Commercial Batteries
Storing Batteries (Lead Acid, SLA, LiIon, NiMH, NiCad)
Cylindrical Battery Size Chart
Chart of Standard Sealed Lead Acid Battery Sizes
Lithium battery primer for design engineersPrimary and Coin Lithium Battery Primer
How to operate lead acid battery chargersEngineer's Guide to Battery Charger Operation

Battery Information for Product Desginers

Engineer's Guide to Battery Pack Design
Sealed Lead Acid Battery standards sizes Battery Run Time Estimation
Sealed Lead Acid Battery standards sizesWeb Based Battery Run Time Calculator
Notes on Designing Battery Powered Devices
AA Alkaline and NiMH Discharge Curves
9V Alkaline and Carbon Zinc Discharge Curves
CR123A Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery Discharge Curves
Low Power Connector ChartConnectors for Battery Packs
How to design battery packsSpecial Design Considerations for Large Battery Packs
Frequency Dependance of Batteries
Battery Internal Resistance and Impedance

How to Charge Batteries

Sealed Lead Acid Charging Tutorial
Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Can Be Charged Fast
What is the Difference Between a Power Supply and a Battery Charger?
NiCad Battery Charging Tutorial
NiMH Battery Charging Tutorial
Lithium Ion Battery Charging Tutorial
Lithium Ion Charge Voltage Versus Capacity Study
LiFePO4 Charge Voltage Versus Capacity Study
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Charging Tutorial
Nickel Zinc Battery Charging Tutorial

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