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April 9, 2020

High voltage input DC/DC Converters off-the-shelf and custom

These are modern switchmode DC/DC converters which take the input voltage, create AC with it through the switchmode process, convert the voltage, regulate, rectify and filter to create a precisely regulated DC output.

3.3 to 6 volts input

24 volts input

48 volts input

12 volts input

36 volts input

72 volts and higher this page


Input Voltage

Output Voltage



Buck DC/DC converter for 72 volt to 12 volt applications 72 Volts (55V to 77V) in 12 Volts 9A out 72 volt to 12 volt DC/DC converter for locomotive and train use, versions 5 amps to 40 amps This allows 12 volt "automotive" powered gadgets to be run in locomotives, fork lifts and other 65 volt to 77 volt vehicles
5 amp heavy duty DC/DC converter 72 Volts (20V to 80V) 13.8V 10A out PVCH10-12 industrial 10 amps 12V output Industrial 72V to 12V DC/DC converter
5 amp heavy duty DC/DC converter 72 Volts (30V to 80V) 24V 10A out PVCH10-12 industrial 10 amps 24V output Industrial 72V to 24V DC/DC converter
40 amp heavy duty DC/DC converter 72VDC to 24VDC, military, industrial and marine 72V (60 to 90) 27.2V 40A out PVTC1015-72-24 industrial, marine, military 72V in, 24V out at 40 amps continuous  

High Voltage Input

5 volt output, 10 watt DC-DC converter power supplies 120 VDC (90V-150V) in 5 Volts
2 Amps out
5 Volt Output DC Converters This DC-DC converter is handy for running 10 watt 5 volt equipment in truck, telecom, and railroad applications
DC/DC converter 100V to 400V VDC input, 12VDC output, 300 volts to 12 volts 1200 watts Very wide input range 100V-400V for electric vehicles 12V, 24V, 48V, 72V output 1000 Watt and 1500 Watt DC converters for operating low voltage equipment in electric vehicles Wide input range DC converters, including IP66 water tight versions with 100VDC to 400VDC input and 12V, 24V, 48V, or 72V output, at 1000W and 1500W.
Battery charger, 36 volt high power 120VDC, 144VDC, up to 390V 13.6 V
20 Amps
12V Battery Chargers for Electric Vehicles High power DC converters for driving auxiliary equipment in electric cars and charge 12V batteries
DC/DC converter 125VDC input, 12VDC output, 125 volts to 12 volts 100 amps, 1200 watts 125 Volts DC 13.6V or 12V
Heavy duty 100Amp DC converter Fully isolated 125 Volt to 12 Volt DC/DC converter with 100 amps output, 1200W
10 amp heavy duty DC/DC converter, 125V input, 24V DC output 125V DC 24V or 27.2V 10A Steel mill and mine heavy duty 110V (100V to 140) input, 24V 10A output Fully isolated 110V to 24V DC/DC converter, 240W
DC/DC converter 120VDC input, 24VDC output, 20 125VDC
(100VDC to 140VDC)
24V or 27.6V
20 Amps
20 amps DC 120 VDC input Heavy Duty or Steel Mill grade DC/DC converters, 24 V output
Robust DC/DC converter 125VDC input, 12VDC output, 125 volts to 24 volts 50A, up to 1400 watts 125VDC
(100VDC to 140VDC)
27.2 Volts
24 volts
50 amps
50 amps DC 1400 watt DC/DC converter, 125 volts input, 24 volts output, 50 amps for heavy duty and industrial use
DC/DC converter 120VDC input, 48VDC output, 10A 480W 125VDC (100VDC to 140VDC) 54.4V (48V nominal) at 10 amps 480 Watts 480W voltage converter, 125V to 48V for heavy duty, industrial and steel mill applications
DC/DC converter 125VDC input, 48VDC output, 125 volts to 48 volts 250 amps, 1400 watts 125 VDC
(100VDC to 140VDC)
54.4 volts or
48 volts DC
Heavy duty 1400 watt 125/48V converter
54.4V user adjustable ±2V
25 amps
120 Volt to 48 volt DC/DC converter PVTC1505-110-48
120 volt DC Input ATX style power supply 120VDC (80VDC to 150VDC in ATX out 120VDC Input ATX Style Computer Power Supplies For running a desktop computer with 120VDC the range is 80VDC to 150VDC
48V 3A 150 Watt DIN rail power supply with battery backup capability 130VDC to 375VDC 48V 3A output   DIN rail 48 Volt 3 Amp power supply with AC or DC input with battery backup capability
20 amp heavy duty DC/DC converter, 250V input, 12VDC output 250VDC (230-280VDC) 12V out
20 amps
Steel mill and mine protected from 1000V spikes This is an extremely robust high voltage DC converter with 13.6V output
10 amp heavy duty DC/DC converter, 250V input, 24VDC output 250VDC (230-280VDC)  24V out
10 amps 
  24V 10 version of the heavy duty 240W DC converter
20 amp heavy duty DC/DC converter, 250V input, 24 VDC output 250VDC input
24V out
20 amps
  250V to 24V 480 Watt DC converter available in heavy duty and steel mill grades
DC/DC converter 125VDC input, 48VDC output, 125 volts to 48 volts 250 amps, 1400 watts 250 Volts DC 24V
50 A
50 Amps DC High reliability 250VDC/24VDC converter with 1360 watts
V300B5H200AL DC converter, 300V to 5V at 200 Watts 300VDC 5V 40A Input range 180V to 375V 200 Watt half-brick module, 300V to 5V 40A
1500 watt DC to DC converters, fully isolated     High Power, 600 to 1500 Watt Isolated DC/DC converters 600W, 1200W, and 1500W DC/DC converters
Open Frame High Voltage DC/DC Converter power supplies
High Voltage DC/DC Converter Closed Frame power supplies
    High Voltage DC/DC Converters These DC/DC converters have 80-370 VDC Input, low voltage output
PST-DCH series
      Custom DC/DC Converters We design and manufacture custom DC/DC converters for a variety of applications, specializing in high power (10 watt to 1000 watt) and unusual voltages, both isolated and non-isolated.
DC/DC Converter Power Supply Modules--off the shelf and custom

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