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June 11, 2024

36V and 32V input DC/DC Converters

These are modern switchmode DC/DC converters which take the input voltage, create AC with it through the switchmode process, convert the voltage, regulate, rectify and filter to create a DC output.

3.3 to 6 volts input

24 volts input

48 volts input

12 volts input

36 volts input this page

72 volts and higher


Input Voltage

Output Voltage



constant current DC/DC converter
3V-36VDC Adjustable 25mV to 32V output Constant current DC converter 3.5A continuous, 5A peak. Useful for constant current applications such as battery charging, and supercapacitor charging.
36 volt to 3 Volt DC/DC converter input range 8V to 41V 35 Volts (8V to 35V) 3V 3A or 5A out 35V to 3 V 3A and 5A available outputs with wide input voltage range. PST-DCZ
DC/DC converter wide temperature and wide input voltage range 8-28 35 VDC
(8V to 35V)
5Volts at 3A or 5A 35V to 5 Volt 3 Amp and 5 Amp output with 24VDC input PST-DCZ
36VDC to 5V 60W DC-DC converter
36V (27-45VDC) 5V 12A 36VDC to 5VDC DC/DC brick module 5V DC/DC converter, terminal block connections and with remote voltage sense, 60 watts
48 volt to 5 volt 15 amp DC converter module
Price DMW75S-05
(18-75VDC ) input
5V 15A output 48VDC to 5VDC 15A DC/DC brick module Half-brick DC converter module 75 watts.
5 volt output, 10 watt DC-DC converter power supplies 36 Volts (36V-60V) in 5 Volts 2A out 5 Volt Output DC Converters This DC-DC converter is handy for running 5 volt equipment in truck, telecom, and railroad applications
36V DC/DC converter wide temperature and wide input voltage range 8-41V, 6vdc output 35 VDC
(8V to 35V)
6V 3A or 5A 36V to 6 Volt 3 Amp and 5 Amp output with wide input voltage range.  
36 to 9V DC/DC converter wide temperature and wide input voltage range 8-41VDC 35 VDC (10.5 to 35V) 9V 3A or 5A 9 Volt 3A output with wide voltage range.  
Efficient AC/DC power converter 36VDC to 12VDC at 1.6 amps, switchmode 36 VDC (28V to 40V) 12 Volts 1.67A continuous To convert 36VDC to 12VDC at 1.67 amps continuous, 3 amps peak, high efficiency This is a low voltage AC to DC converter that will also accept DC input centered around 36V
DC/DC converter 32V to 24V at 2.6 amps 32V (20V - 80V) 13.6V 10A Heavy duty 136 Watt DC converter 32V to 12V, waterproof available This has a wide input voltage range, up to 80V.
PVCH10-12, PVCH10-24
32V or 36V to 12V DC converter, 400 Watts 36V (22V to 60V) 13.6 V 30A Encapsulated marine grade 32V or 36V DC converter, 30A continuous for boats and yachts High efficiency, >96% at full power
heavy duty,  military and marine DC to DC converter, 36V to 12V 50A 600W 36V
12V 50A 36VDC to 13.6VDC 680W DC/DC converter Heavy duty, marine and idustrial 36Volt converter to 12 Volt
36V or 32V input 800 watt DC converter marine grade 36V or 32V
(22-60V) input
13.6V 55A 32V or 36V to 13.6V marine grade 800W DC converter with wide input voltage range. Marine grade 32V or 36V input DC converter, encapsulated for marine environments, boats and yachts.
36V to 13.6 V DC/DC converter, heavy duty  waterproof 36V or 32V
(22V-60V) input
13.6V 60A 28V to 13.6V, 32V to 13.6V, 36V to 13.6V, 48V to 13.6V DC converter IP676 water resistant DC converter
36 volt to 24V dc to dc converter buck-boost, 32V to 24V converter
36V or 32V (8V-40V) input 24V 8A output 36V to 24V DC/DC buck-boost converter 200W Wide input range, very efficient step up/step down 36V to 24V 200W DC converter.
DC/DC converter 32V to 24V at 2.6 amps 32V (20V - 80V) 27.2V out
24V nominal
Heavy duty 272 Watt DC converter 32V to 24V This has a wide input voltage range.
PVCH10-12, PVCH10-24
24 volt output, 48 volt input 48 to 12 volt DC/DC converter 36V (36V-70V) in 24 Volts out 48 Volt to 24 volt DC Converters This 150 watt fully isolated dc to dc converter is useful for powering 24 volt equipment in 48 volt telecom stations, forklifts, etc.
      Custom DC/DC Converters We design and manufacture custom DC/DC converters for a variety of applications, specializing in high power (10 watt to 1000 watt) and unusual voltages, both isolated and non-isolated.
DC/DC Converter Power Supply Modules--off the shelf and custom

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